past staff and poet directory

Headed up by founders Michael Brown and Patricia Smith, as well as long-time curator Simone Beaubien, the open mic and slams at the Boston Poetry Slam boast an illustrious roster of poets stretching back over thirty years. By no means a perfect list, this page serves to highlight key community members from our history, including slam team members, former staff, venue champions, and open mic favorites.

All bios linked to below were written by the poets themselves. Please note that the most up-to-date information will likely be on the poet’s website or social media, as some of these bios were written many moons ago. If you are a poet who is listed on this page and would like your bio updated, please contact us at Many of our local poets are available for booking to produce or perform at your show.

Main Staff

Patricia Smith – Co-founder, 3x slam team member, 4x National Poetry Slam Individual Champion
Michael Brown – Co-founder, Slammaster 1992-2003, 4x slam team member
Simone Beaubien – Slammaster/Curator 2004-2020, 8x slam team member
Cassandra de Alba – Co-Curator 2018-2020
Myles Taylor – Curator 2022-Present, 2017 slam team member
Dawn Gabriel – Co-Producer 2022-2023, 2x slam team member

Ron Goba – Venerable Doorman 1992-2005
Michael J.P. Fitzgerald – Honored Doorman 2006
Artie Moffa – Dapper Doorman 2007-2010
Michael Quigg – Dedicated Doorman 2011-2015
Michael F. Gill – Current Doorman 2012-Present

Judy Griffin – Bartender 1992-2007
Adam Stone – Server 2004-2007, Bartender 2007-2022, 4x slam team member
Adam Mandell – Bartender 2022-Present
Melissa Newman-Evans – Server/Bartender 2007-2013, 2x slam team member
Carlos Williams – Wacky Barbacky 2009-2011, 2009 slam team member
Emily Caroll – Server/Bartender 2013-2016
Bobby Crawford – Server/Bartender 2014-2016, 2013 IWPS Rep, 2x slam team member
RebeccaLynn Gualtieri – Server/Bartender 2016-2020
John Pinkham – Server/Bartender 2017-2020, 2018 team member

Anne Thomas (DJ Muse) – Cantab Spinderella & Sound Technician 2008-2011
Marshall Goff – Official Photographer 2006-2020
Richard Beaubien – Official Photographer 2007-2020

Current Staff

Myles Taylor, Curator & Host
Michael F. Gill, Treasurer, Doortender, Website Maintenance
Kat Anderson, Social Media, Audio/Tech/Room Setup, Host
Amy Argentar, Social Media, Recap/Newlsetter Writer, Host
Briana Crockett, Host
Aparna Paul, Host
Nayeli Mzîn, Host
Zeke Russell, Host, Slam Team Coach
Jimmy Pavlick, Website Maintenance
Alex Kist, Development Coordinator
Jackie Barnes, Graphic Design

Historical Poets, Hosts, and Champions

April Ranger – 3x slam team member, 2009 & 2011 IWPS Representative
Austin Hendricks – Former Moonlighting Curator
Brandon Melendez – 2017 slam team member
Brian S. Ellis – 4x slam team member, 2007 IWPS Representative
C. Bain – 2000 slam team member
Caroline Harvey – 2005 slam team member
Carrie Rudzinski – 2x slam team member, 2010 IWPS Representative
Catherine Martin – Former Encyclopedia Show: Somerville director
Chloé Cunha – Open Mic Host, and former co-host of The Encyclopedia Show: Somerville
Ellyn Touchette – 2014 Champion of Champions
Eric Darby – 2x slam team member, 2006 IWPS Representative
Erich Haygun – 2008 IWPS Representative
Evan Cutts – Open Mic Host
Gary Hoare – Graphic Designer for Boston Poetry Slam
Ilyus Evander – Former Moonlighting Co-Curator
J Sylvan – 2013 slam team member
Jack McCarthy
– 1996 team member, Influential Open Mic Regular
Jess Rizkallah – 2016 Champion of Champions
JR Mahung – 2018 IWPS Representative
Kemi Alabi – 2012 slam team member
Kevin Spak – Open Mic Host, 2011 and 2013 NPS Press Lead
Kieran Collier – Open Mic Host
Kye Noelle – 2017 Champion of Champions
Maya Phillips – 2011 slam team member
Mckendy Fils-Aimé – 5x slam team member, 2012 IWPS Representative
Michael Monroe – 2011 and 2013 NPS Development Director, Former Moonlighting Host
Neiel Israel – 3x slam team member, 2016 IWPS Representative
Nora Meiners – 2013 slam team member
Omoizele Okoawo – 7x slam team member
Richard Cambridge – 2x slam team member
Ryk McIntyre – 2x slam team member
Sam Cha – Poet, Audio/Tech/Room Setup
Shira Erlichman – 2007 slam team member
Sean Patrick Mulroy – 4x slam team member, 2014 & 2015 IWPS Representative
Stevie Subrizi – Open Mic Host, and cast member of The Encyclopedia Show: Somerville
Tom Slavin – 2x slam team member
Tommy Mendez – 2001 slam team member
Valerie Lawson – Open Mic Host