Archive of Past Shows, Features, and Slams

Since 1991, the Boston Poetry Slam has had a weekly (or twice weekly) show which has included a featured poet and/or poetry slam. The list below attempts to chronicle every feature and open slam winner at the Boston Poetry Slam—a voluminous task that includes most of the top names in performance poetry from the past 30 years—and to do so as accurately as possible. Pre-2004 information was transcribed by Simone Beaubien from the logbooks that original slammaster Michael Brown used to keep. A few of the books in the series were missing, so there is a year or two of missing data. Notes from the curators have been kept to a minimum, unless there is no further information about the night in question.

You can read more about the individual shows from 2004 to the present day by searching for the appropriate date in the archives of our blog. Please note that the names of certain poets may have changed since the start of this log. The list will be updated as needed/requested, but it will likely always be a work in progress. According to the list below, the people who have featured the most often are Patricia Smith, Michael Brown, Jack McCarthy, Ryk McIntyre, Ron Goba, and C. Bain.

Date Feature Slam Winner
1/9/1992 Peter Bebergal
1/16/1992 Billy Barnum
1/23/1992 Donna McKay-Randozzi
1/30/1992 Richard Cambridge
2/6/1992 Ellen Stone
2/13/1992 William Corbett
2/20/1992 Tim Seibles
2/22/1992 Baseball Slam: New York vs. Boston at TT the Bear’s
2/27/1992 Marjorie Agosin (Canceled)
2/29/1992 Patricia Smith
3/5/1992 City River of Voices
3/7/1992 Michael Brown
3/12/1992 Kurt Heintz
3/14/1992 Boston Slam Team
3/19/1992 Philip Robinson, Assoto Sainte +3
3/21/1992 Elizabeth McKim
3/26/1992 Ryk McIntyre
3/28/1992 Larry McCarthy
4/2/1992 Erkki Lappalainen
4/4/1992 Rohan Preston
4/9/1992 Paul Gwiazdowski
4/11/1992 Gavin Moses
4/16/1992 Kim Tall Bear
4/18/1992 Tim Mason
4/23/1992 Nancy Mindick
4/25/1992 Tim Seibles
4/30/1992 Sakia Yasmine
5/2/1992 Thax Douglas
5/7/1992 Joe Gallo
5/9/1992 Gia Hansbury
5/14/1992 Rudy Kikel
5/16/1992 Slamania at TT the Bear’s
5/21/1992 Jack Vesey
5/23/1992 Benson Wheeler and Irene Koronas
5/28/1992 Laureen Evans
5/30/1992 Li MinMo
6/4/1992 Red Brick Review
6/11/1992 Mary Jennings
6/13/1992 Team Slam
6/18/1992 Poetry Posse
6/20/1992 Juneteenth
6/25/1992 Liz Trouble
6/27/1992 Team Championship & W.D. Ehrhart at TT the Bear’s
7/9/1992 CD Collins
7/11/1992 Stacy Simmons
7/16/1992 David Connolly
7/18/1992 Team Slam & Ai at TT the Bear’s
7/23/1992 Jean Monahan
7/25/1992 Randy Markey
7/30/1992 Jeff Schneider
8/1/1992 Susan Hollowell
8/6/1992 Michael Ladd
8/8/1992 Vern Frazer
8/13/1992 Joe Gallo
8/15/1992 Neal Zagarella
8/20/1992 Ryk McIntyre & Cathy Coley
8/22/1992 Gail Burton
8/27/1992 Glenn Mathes
8/29/1992 Example None
9/3/1992 Raffy Woolf
9/10/1992 Sean Thomas Dougherty
9/12/1992 Lisa King
9/17/1992 Patrick Dodd
9/24/1992 Mary Ellen Lepionka
10/2/1992 Bill Green & Shawnee
10/4/1992 Michael Harrington & Venette Winslow; Slam at Woodley’s
International Poetry Slam
10/11/1992 Boston Team Championship at Scullers
10/12/1992 Boston Individual Championship at Scullers
10/18/1992 Visitors & Video At M-80
10/14/1992 Opening Of The International 8 Teams At Paradise
10/15/1992 Team matches at AS220, Old Vienna, Scullers, White Whale
10/16/1992 Cantab, OCBC, Scullers
10/17/1992 Finals at One Kendall Square
11/1/1992 Unknown
11/5/1992 Unknown
11/8/1992 Boston Slam Team
11/12/1992 Laura Moran
11/15/1992 Gary Whitehead
11/22/1992 Leonard de Montbrun
11/29/1992 Sebastian Lockwood
12/3/1992 Ron Goba
12/6/1992 Laurie Schmidt
12/10/1992 Allan Wolf & Qurash Ali
12/13/1992 Martha’s Vineyard Poets
12/17/1992 Thomas Sayers Ellis
12/20/1992 Marcel Kopp
12/24/1992 Venue Closed
12/27/1992 Venue Closed
12/31/1992 Venue Closed
1/3/1993 Thomas Grimes
1/7/1993 Beige & Blue
1/10/1993 Faith Henry
1/24/1993 Jenny Mikulski
1/28/1993 Brother Blue
2/4/1993 Michael Brown
2/7/1993 Mark Fleckinstein
2/12/1993 Stephen Evans
2/14/1993 Tim Seibles
2/19/1993 Richard Moore
2/21/1993 Marvin Tate
2/26/1993 Billy Barnum
3/12/1993 Marsi
3/26/1993 Joyce Wilson
3/28/1993 Xiufei Jin
3/30/1993 Joe Davis
4/2/1993 Philip Robinson
4/9/1993 Charlie Chase & Faith Vicinanza
4/16/1993 Sam Grabelle
4/18/1993 Yictove
4/23/1993 Donna McKay-Randozzi
4/30/1993 Li Min Mo
5/2/1993 Keith Nystrom
5/7/1993 Bill MacMillan
5/14/1993 Red Brick Review
5/16/1993 Benson Wheeler
5/21/1993 Richard Cambridge
5/23/1993 Florin Buau & Craig Hickman
5/28/1993 Gail Burton
5/30/1993 Frank Farnham
6/4/1993 Tina D’Elia
6/6/1993 Toby Ingalls
6/11/1993 Amatul Hannan
6/20/1993 Peter Weyler
6/25/1993 Cathy Coley
6/27/1993 Cheryl Smith
July 1993 Features Unknown
8/6/1993 Laura Moran & Ted Vaca
8/13/1993 Todd Swift
8/20/1993 Ryk McIntyre
September 1993 Features Unknown
10/15/1993 Lea Deschenes
10/22/1993 Raymond Nat Turner
10/29/1993 Lamont Steptoe
11/5/1993 Lauralyn Farwell
11/2/1993 Sean Thomas Dougherty
11/19/1993 Tina D’Elia, Amatul Hannan, Lisa King & Gail Burton
11/26/1993 Leonard de Montbrun
12/3/1993 Joe Cardillo
12/10/1993 Boston Slam Performance Troupe
12/17/1993 Ray Davey
1/7/1994 *Show Postponed*
1/14/1994 Chris Chandler
1/21/1994 Three Guys From Albany
1/24/1994 Lelenja Giddens
2/4/1994 Defined Providence
2/11/1994 Tim Seibles
2/18/1994 North American Folk Alliance
2/20/1994 Lisa Buscani
2/25/1994 Edwin Torres
3/4/1994 Derick Prosper
3/11/1994 Taylor Mali
3/18/1994 Regie Cabico
3/25/1994 Hal Sirowitz
4/1/1994 John Grey
4/8/1994 Allan Wolf
4/15/1994 Annemarie Stoll
4/22/1994 Pat Berry
4/29/1994 Brian Comiskey
5/6/1994 Eileen James
5/13/1994 Gary Whitehead
5/20/1994 Erotic Poetry
5/27/1994 Michael Weaver
6/3/1994 Jeff Bruner
6/10/1994 Huge Voodoo
6/17/1994 Steve Seddon
6/24/1994 Patricia Smith
7/1/1994 Michael Brown
7/8/1994 Richard Cambridge
7/15/1994 Homeless Veterans
7/22/1994 Dead Poet From Philly
7/29/1994 Maine vs. Boston
8/5/1994 Max Schwartz
8/12/1994 Four National Slammers: Pat Berry, Nicole, Sean Shea & Tom Slavin
8/20/1994 Mary Weems
9/9/1994 KeNadine
9/16/1994 Gayle Danley
9/23/1994 Seth Putnam & Irwin Karl
9/30/1994 Wendy Kaplan
10/7/1994 Derick Prosper
10/14/1994 Gerogia Popoff
10/21/1994 Raymond Nat Turner
10/28/1994 Neil Fetbroth
11/5/1994 Three Guys From Albany
11/9/1994 Chris Chandler & Amanda Stark
11/16/1994 Diane Brown
11/23/1994 Faith Vicinanza & Elizabeth Thomas
11/30/1994 No Feature
12/7/1994 Jack McCarthy
2/14/1994 Rusty Russell
12/21/1994 David Connolly
12/28/1994 Gary Whitehead
1/4/1995 Joe Cardillo
1/11/1995 Bill MacMillan
1/18/1995 Anne Carhart
1/25/1995 Gayle Danley
2/1/1995 Lisa Buscani
2/8/1995 Tim Seibles
2/15/1995 Unknown (Probably Erotic Poetry Night)
2/22/1995 Douglas Bishop
3/1/1995 Sue Allspaw
3/8/1995 Alice Mack
Features From Mid-March 1995 To The End Of 1997 Unknown
Date Feature Slam Winner
1/7/1998 Unknown Unknown
1/14/1998 Unknown Unknown
1/21/1998 Jill Battson Unknown
1/28/1998 TonTon Guy Unknown
2/4/1998 Heart of Darkness Michael McIntosh
2/11/1998 No Feature No Slam
2/18/1998 Tessie Adams Joe Gouveia
2/25/1998 Sara Holbrook Patty Gordon
3/4/1998 Jennifer Lisa Vest Jennifer Lisa Vest
3/11/1998 Unknown Unknown
3/18/1998 Unknown Unknown
3/25/1998 Bristol Poets Ed Fuqua
4/1/1998 Unknown Unknown
4/8/1998 No Feature Brian Comiskey
4/15/1998 Jamuna Eve Stern
4/22/1998 No Feature Ricardo Pichon
4/29/1998 No Feature Team slam: Jeff Paris
5/6/1998 No Feature Team slams: Brian Comiskey & Damon Smith
5/13/1998 No Feature Team slams: Gary Hicks & Peter Desmond
5/20/1998 No Feature Team slams: Su Miller & Patty Gordon
5/27/1998 Clebo Rainey Team slam: Michael McIntosh
6/3/1998 1998 Cantab Slam Team n/a
6/10/1998 Michael Czarnecki Albert Turner
6/17/1998 Daniel Ferri Sam Libby
6/24/1998 Michael Weaver (with Harold Anderson, Bill Lowe, S. Strickland) Adrian
7/1/1998 Gary Whitehead Deborah McKee
7/8/1998 Unknown Unknown
7/15/1998 Connecticut High School Team (Canceled) Gary Hicks
7/22/1998 Boston Team Su Miller
7/29/1998 Patricia Smith & Michael Brown Damon Smith
8/5/1998 Scott Klein Tomas O’Leary
8/12/1998 Regional Team Slam: Boston, Brockton, Connecticut, Hyannis, Montreal, Providence, Worcester n/a
8/19/1998 Nate Conners Unknown
8/26/1998 Brian Comiskey Tommy Mendez
9/2/1998 Unknown Sam Libby
9/9/1998 No Feature Gary Hicks
9/16/1998 No Feature Albert Turner
9/23/1998 Kasandra Larsen Arthur Collins
9/30/1998 Albert Turner Melissa Goodrum
10/7/1998 Sam Libby Gary Hicks
10/14/1998 Brent Long Melissa Goodrum
10/21/1998 Christine Zack Sam Libby
10/28/1998 Christina Liu Melissa Goodrum
11/4/1998 Hope Jordan Sam Libby
11/11/1998 Laura Cherry Omoizele Okoawo
11/18/1998 Melissa Goodrum Su Miller
11/25/1998 No Feature Sam Libby
12/2/1998 No Feature Sam Libby
12/9/1998 Nancy Hewitt Brian Comiskey
12/16/1998 Shane Luitjens Amazing team: Florencio Yllana
12/23/1998 Gabrielle Bouliane & Cat O’Sullivan Amazing team: Sam Libby
12/30/1998 No Feature Amazing team: Melissa Goodrum
Date Feature Slam Winner
1/6/1999 No Feature Amazing slam: Kyria Abrahams
1/13/1999 Kerry Rumore Amazing team: Michael Mack
1/20/1999 David Eye Amazing team: Jack McCarthy
1/27/1999 Tim Gibbard & Genevieve Van Cleve Amazing team: Marcel Kopp
2/3/1999 No Feature Amazing team: Brian Comiskey
2/10/1999 Amazing Team Amazing team: Abrahams, Comiskey, Mack, Yllana
2/17/1999 Montreal Team Marcel Kopp
2/24/1999 Walden poets Gary Hicks
3/3/1999 da Boogie Man Eve Stern
3/10/1999 No Feature Joyce Cunha
3/17/1999 Zone Poets Sam Libby
3/24/1999 Connecticut High School Poets Tommy Mendez
3/31/1999 Bill MacMillan Ama
4/7/1999 Bradford 6 Sam Libby
4/14/1999 Florencio Yllana Sam Libby
4/21/1999 Ron Goba Sam Libby
4/28/1999 Workshop Poets Unknown
5/5/1999 1999 Team Semi-Final Slam n/a
5/12/1999 1999 team: Bryonn Bain, Sam Libby, Brian Comiskey, Michael Mack n/a
5/19/1999 Douglas Bishop & Friends Dorinda Foley
5/26/1999 Jayne Fenton Keane Gary Hicks
6/2/1999 Jamuna (Ray McNiece) Florencio Yllana
6/9/1999 Phil Hasouris (Lisa King) Su Miller
6/16/1999 Larry Jaffe Mara Jepson
6/23/1999 Jack McCarthy Unknown
6/30/1999 Michael Brown Thema Bryant
7/7/1999 Cape Cod Team Unknown
7/14/1999 Tommy Mendez Florencio Yllana
7/21/1999 Boston Slam Team Semi-final slam: Thema Bryant
7/28/1999 The Morrigan Finals slam: Thema Bryant
8/4/1999 Regional Slam: Boston, Brockton, Cape Cod, Connecticut, Providence, Worcester N/A
8/11/1999 Keith Nystrom Douglas Bishop
8/18/1999 San Jose Team Sam Libby
8/25/1999 Joyce Cunha Unknown
9/1/1999 Nina Corwin Martin Lie
9/8/1999 Ursula Howard Matt from Jersey
9/15/1999 Alix Olson Tommy Mendez
9/22/1999 Fred Marchant Florencio Yllana
9/29/1999 Ellen Steinbaum No Slam
10/6/1999 Michael Hoerman Michael Mack
10/13/1999 Two Tongues E. Taylor Ambrose & Dennis Kim
10/20/1999 Richard Cambridge semi-final slam: Martin Lie
10/27/1999 Martin Lie semi-final slam: Michael Mack
11/3/1999 Guy Gonzalez & Noel Jones season championship: Michael Mack
11/10/1999 Championship slam: Thema Bryant No Open Slam
11/17/1999 Valerie Lawson Gwen Ellen
11/24/1999 Paul Gagnon Unknown
12/1/1999 Tommy Mendez Unknown
12/8/1999 Jose deGouveia Unknown
12/15/1999 Sean Shea Michael Mack
12/22/1999 John Lawlor Gabrielle Bouliane
12/29/1999 Dan Houston Katie Fowley & Gary Hicks
Date Feature Slam Winner
1/5/2000 Douglas Bishop & Jeff Bruner Sam Libby
1/12/2000 Corey Cokes Jose deGouveia
1/19/2000 Bird’s Cutout, Heidi Field ($100), Rachel Hyman ($50), Craig Nelson ($20) semi-final slam: Michael Mack
1/26/2000 CC Arshagra season championship: Michael Mack
2/2/2000 Stacyann Chin Champion of Champions winner: Michael Mack / Open slam winner: Richard Cambridge
2/9/2000 Jason Carney & Tara Seth Sam Libby
2/16/2000 Erotic Poetry Open Mic Iyeoka Okoawo
2/23/2000 Michael McDonough Bryonn Bain
3/1/2000 Unknown Unknown
3/8/2000 Florencio Yllana Unknown
3/15/2000 Joel Brouwer Omoizele Okoawo
3/22/2000 Zilla McCue C. Bain
3/29/2000 Katie Asson & Eitan Kadosh Adam Stone
4/5/2000 Toni Asante Lightfoot Iyeoka Okoawo
4/12/2000 Connecticut Teen Slam Team C. Bain
4/19/2000 Ryk McIntyre Iyeoka Okoawo
4/26/2000 E. Donald Two-Rivers Iyeoka Okoawo
5/3/2000 No Feature Ama & Michael Mack
5/10/2000 No Feature Gary Hicks & Tommy Mendez
5/17/2000 No Feature Kwesi Davis & Martin Lie
5/24/2000 No Feature Katie Fowley & Tommy Mendez
5/31/2000 Team Slam Preliminary: Iyeoka Okoawo, Martin Lie, Kwesi Davis, Adam Stone, Omoisele Okoawo, C. Bain, Tommy Mendez, Joyce Cunha, Florencio Yllana N/A
6/7/2000 The Morrigan 2000 team finals: Iyeoka Okoawo, Kwesi Davis, Omoisele Okoawo, Adam Stone
6/14/2000 Gayle Danley Adam Stone
6/21/2000 Boston Team Su Miller
6/28/2000 Dan Ferri Tommy Mendez
7/5/2000 Ainslie Burrows Joyce Cunha
7/12/2000 David Messineo Burlington vs. Boston
7/19/2000 Ithaca vs. Boston No Slam
7/26/2000 Giants (Richard Cambridge, Ryk McIntyre, Laurie Schmidt, Benson Wheeler) vs. Boston No Slam
8/2/2000 Michael Brown vs. Boston No Slam
8/6/2000 Slam America & Nat’l teams No Slam
8/7/2000 Slam America & Nat’l teams No Slam
8/9/2000 Ron Goba, Connors, Ozug No Slam
8/16/2000 Community Meeting No Slam
8/23/2000 Big Poppa E Gwen Ellen
8/30/2000 Ellen Wehle Simone Beaubien
9/6/2000 Ken Cormier Mike Pope
9/13/2000 Michael Mack Unknown
9/20/2000 Workshop Poets: Valerie Lawson, Jody Wells, Joyce Cunha, Harris Gardner, Heidi Field, Ivan Slam Andrea Moore
9/27/2000 Joe Langone Tommy Mendez
10/4/2000 No Feature semi-final slam: Andrea Moore
10/11/2000 No Feature season championship: Andrea Moore
10/18/2000 Lindsay Stone Unknown
10/25/2000 Brian Gilmore & Shane Koyczan Rosario
11/1/2000 Tommy Mendez vs. Michael Brown Harris Gardner
11/8/2000 Jeff McDaniel and Beth Lisick Craig Nelson
11/15/2000 Drew Perfilio and Furaha John Cotter
11/22/2000 Sean Thomas Dougherty Tommy Mendez
11/29/2000 Michael Mack Unknown
12/6/2000 Maine Poets: J.Davis, Dennis Camire, Peter Manuel Art Collins
12/13/2000 Jen Thurber, Rosario, Adam Rubinstein, Matthew Klane Al Letson
12/20/2000 MacMillans Tommy Mendez
12/27/2000 John Powers and Kristin Knowles Al Letson
Date Feature Slam Winner
1/3/2001 Noel Jones Tommy Mendez
1/10/2001 Unknown Summer Whitmore
1/17/2001 Tom Daley Victor Pontes Macedo
1/24/2001 Criag Nelson Chad
1/31/2001 Martha’s Vineyard Poets Rachel Hyman
2/7/2001 Adam Rubinstein Tommy Mendez
2/14/2001 Erotic Poetry Open Mic Unknown
2/21/2001 C. Bain Marlon Carey
2/28/2001 Max Schwartz J*me (James Caroline)
3/7/2001 Tony Brown semi-final slam: Victor Pontes Macedo
3/14/2001 Keith Flynn semi-final slam: Rachel Hyman
3/21/2001 Rosario Teixeira season championship: Rachel Hyman
3/28/2001 Reggie Gibson Champion of Champions: Tommy Mendez
4/4/2001 Jack McCarthy Team Slam
4/11/2001 Team Slam n/a
4/18/2001 2001 Team: Simone Beaubien, Craig Nelson, Tommy Mendez, Rachel Hyman Summer Whitmore
4/25/2001 Ruth Foley Sam Libby
5/2/2001 2001 Cantab team Marlon Carey
5/9/2001 Aaron Yamaguchi Craig Nelson
5/16/2001 South Boston Literary Gazette Michael Brown
5/23/2001 Jay Ransay Joyce Cunha
5/30/2001 The Morrigan Adam Rubinstein
6/6/2001 Ainsley Burrows Simone Beaubien
6/13/2001 Slam: Guerrilla Poets vs. 2001 Team n/a
6/20/2001 J*me (James Caroline) Rachel Hyman
6/27/2001 Slam: Dinosaurs vs. 2001 Team n/a
7/4/2001 No Feature Valerie Lawson
7/11/2001 Slam: 2001 Team vs. Michael Brown n/a
7/18/2001 Regional Slam: Cantab, Providence, Worcester n/a
7/25/2001 Brad Hamers, Greg Purnell, Eric Robertson Cheryl Jonson
8/1/2001 No Feature Carlos Gomez
8/8/2001 No Feature Gary Hicks
8/15/2001 No Feature semi-final slam: Marlon Carey
8/22/2001 No Feature semi-final slam: Michael Brown
8/29/2001 No Feature semi-final slam: Rachel Hyman
9/5/2001 No Feature season championship: Rachel Hyman
9/12/2001 No Feature Champion of Champions slam: Rachel Hyman over Tommy Mendez
9/19/2001 No Feature Harris Gardner
9/26/2001 No Feature Adam Stone
10/3/2001 Marlon Carey Alex Charalambides
10/10/2001 David Surette Tommy Mendez
10/17/2001 Rachel Hyman Nina Simon
10/24/2001 Stephen Dobyns George McKibbens
10/31/2001 Ryk McIntyre No Slam
11/7/2001 Craig Nelson Unknown
11/14/2001 Simone Beaubien J*me (James Caroline)
11/21/2001 Unknown semi-final slam: Alex Charalambides
11/28/2001 Xue Di semi-final slam: Craig Nelson
12/5/2001 Irish poets (Gerry McDonnell, Mary Guckian, Veronica Heywood, Gwen McNamara) season championship: Alex Charalambides
12/12/2001 Kenny Mostern Champion of Champions slam: Rachel Hyman over Alex Charalambides
12/19/2001 Michael Brown Unknown
12/26/2001 Shihan Unknown
Date Feature Slam Winner
1/2/2002 No Feature Chris Johnson
1/9/2002 Michael Cirelli Simone Beaubien
1/16/2002 Ellen Steinbaum David Gonzalez
1/23/2002 Paul Rogalus C. Bain
1/30/2002 Mike Pope Marlon Carey
2/6/2002 Rashida & Buddy Wakefield Nina Simon
2/13/2002 Erotic Poetry Open Mike (hosted by Shane Koyczan) semi-final slam: Simone Beaubien
2/20/2002 Ron Goba semi-final slam: Nina Simon
2/27/2002 Ciara Lavelle season championship: Simone Beaubien
3/6/2002 Shane Koyczan Champion of Champions: Rachel Hyman over Simone Beaubien
3/13/2002 Alixa Garcia John Lawlor
3/20/2002 Matt Olzman Brian Comiskey
3/27/2002 Richard Moore Michael Culp
4/3/2002 Nina Simon Seren Devine
4/10/2002 Kurt Schweigman & Tim Sanders Team Slam Round One
4/17/2002 Team Slam Finals: Michael Brown, Marlon Carey, Alex Charalambides, Rachel Hyman No Slam
4/24/2002 Gayle Kees No Slam
5/1/2002 Sage Francis (Canceled) Nina Simon
5/8/2002 Becky Henderson Chris Johnson
5/15/2002 Dave Capella Marlon Carey
5/22/2002 God & Her Sister: Jack McCarthy and Michael Brown semi-final slam: John Lawlor
5/29/2002 Kim Dark & Valerie Lawson semi-final slam: Nina Simon
6/5/2002 No Feature season championsihp: John Lawlor
6/12/2002 Howard Frost Champion of Champions: Rachel Hyman over John Lawlor
6/19/2002 Save the Males Nina Simon
6/26/2002 Soul Evans Alex Charalambides
7/3/2002 Nick Fox Nina Simon (demo slam)
7/10/2002 Indigo Moor Eli Rosenblatt
7/17/2002 Dinosaur Slam Indigo Moor
7/24/2002 Claudia Lauer Christine
7/31/2002 2002 team Harris Gardner
8/7/2002 8 teams $1400: Bridgewater, Burlington, Cantab, Connecticut, Lizard, Providence, Urbana, Worcester n/a
8/14/2002 Kyria Abrahams Ryk McIntyre
8/21/2002 Elizabeth Nunn semi-final slam: Bruce Chang
8/28/2002 No Feature semi-final slam: Indigo Moor
9/3/2002 Kodac Harrison season championship: Indigo Moor
9/10/2002 Irish trip benefit (Michael Brown, Valerie Lawson, Andy Levesque, Patrick Pierce) Craig Nelson
9/18/2002 Stazja McFayden Brynne-Ithaca Dizack
9/25/2002 Ellen Maybe Michael Brown
10/2/2002 Blair & Dale Wilson J*me (James Caroline)
10/9/2002 Unknown Star St. Germain
10/16/2002 Alex Charalambides Unknown
10/23/2002 Laurie Robertson-Lorant Ansel Appleton
10/30/2002 Unknown Alice
11/6/2002 James O’Brien April
11/13/2002 Monique Jarvis Delisile Godeffroy-Taylor
11/20/2002 Nancy Henry semi-final slam: Michael Brown
11/27/2002 Teen Slam n/a
12/4/2002 PLACES videos semi-final slam: Delisile Godeffroy-Taylor
12/11/2002 Ray McNiece season championship: Delisile Godeffroy-Taylor
12/18/2002 Sarah Hage Champion of Champions: Delisile Godeffroy-Taylor over Indigo Moor
Date Feature Slam Winner
1/8/2003 Jared Paul Sage Francis
1/15/2003 Sou MacMillan Nina Simon
1/22/2003 Michelle Richardson & Soul Caliber Jack McCarthy
1/29/2003 Bernard Dolan Dua Boakye
2/5/2003 Christopher Kain Unknown
2/12/2003 Emily Unknown
2/19/2003 The Furies J*me (James Caroline)
2/26/2003 Chris Chandler Unknown
3/5/2003 Unknown semi-final slam: Jack McCarthy
3/12/2003 Bridgewater Team semi-final slam: Shira
3/19/2003 Craig Nelson season championship: Shira
3/26/2003 Phil Hasouris Champion of Champions: Delisile Godeffroy-Taylor
4/2/2003 100 Poets Against the War Adam Stone
4/9/2003 Team slam winners: Indigo Moor, Nina Simon, Adam Stone, Star St. Germain n/a
4/16/2003 No Feature Alice
4/23/2003 Michael Brown Christos
4/30/2003 Ernie Wight Alex Charalambides
5/7/2003 Jack McCarthy Skaya
5/14/2003 Odysseus: Douglas Bishop, Michael Brown, Laureen Evans, Nancy Hewitt, Jack McCarthy Emily
5/21/2003 Eli Rosenblatt Harris Gardner
5/28/2003 C. Bain Jack McCarthy
6/4/2003 Unknown semi-final slam: Adam Stone
6/11/2003 Dan Richter semi-final slam: Jack McCarthy
6/18/2003 Steve Ramirez & Ben Trigg Michael Brown
6/25/2003 Blair season championship: Adam Stone
7/2/2003 Unknown Champion of Champions: Delisile Godeffroy-Taylor
7/9/2003 Bizzoc-7 Marlon Carey
7/16/2003 2003 Slam Team n/a
7/23/2003 Monte Smith & Andrew Davis E. Hasler
7/30/2003 Big East Regional: Cantab, Ithaca, Lizard Lounge, Providence, Vermont, Worcester n/a
8/6/2003 No Feature Harris Gardner
8/13/2003 SHE Tour: Katie Fowley, Mallory Kaczmarek, Lee Moretti Kurt Eidsveig
8/20/2003 Patrick Duggan Mike Brown
8/27/2003 Nicole Terez-Dutton Craig Nelson
9/3/2003 Kodac Harrison Alice
9/10/2003 David Johnson Ryk McIntyre
9/17/2003 No Feature semi-final slam: J*me (James Caroline)
9/24/2003 Kim Dark semi-final slam: Michael Brown
10/1/2003 Ryk McIntyre season championship: J*me (James Caroline)
10/7/2003 Hilary Thomas Harris Gardner
10/15/2003 Daphne Gottlieb Gary Hoare
10/22/2003 Keith Flynn Pheonyx
10/29/2003 Mala Radhakrishnan Nate Van Til
11/5/2003 Solja Krapu Danielle Cardinal
11/12/2003 Genevieve Van Cleve Eric Darby
11/19/2003 Shane Koyczan Nate Van Til
11/26/2003 Katie Daley Simone Beaubien
12/3/2003 Jive Poetic CAT
12/10/2003 Kevin Mahoney Craig Nelson
12/17/2003 Alex Charalambides Ruff Draft
12/24/2003 Venue Closed n/a
12/31/2003 First Night (Hynes Convention Center) Unknown
Date Feature Slam Winner
1/7/2004 Tennessee Mary Fons semi-final slam: Nate Van Til
1/14/2004 No Feature semi-final slam: Simone Beaubien
1/21/2004 J*me (James Caroline) (benefit for iWPS) season championship: Simone Beaubien
1/28/2004 Morgan Janssen Champion of Champions slam: Simone Beaubien over J*me
2/4/2004 Marj Hahne Nate Van Til
2/11/2004 Erotic Poetry Open Mic Adam Stone
2/18/2004 Colin Highland Urban
2/25/2004 No Feature Morris Stegosaurus/Ryk McIntyre
3/3/2004 Mike McGee Ansel Appleton
3/10/2004 Sam Libby Sodickson Samantha Jane
3/17/2007 Ainslie Burrows demo slam: Ashira Greene
3/24/2004 Jimmy Tingle’s Off-Broadway Poetry Troupe Eric Darby
3/31/2004 Rives Merry Proebstel
4/7/2004 Connecticut Youth team (Cancelled) team slam round 1, hosted by Michael and Valerie
4/14/2004 No Feature team slam round 2, hosted by Michael and Valerie
4/21/2004 Sou MacMillan, Kent Foreman Marlon Carey
4/28/2004 Ron Goba semi-final: Adam Stone
5/5/2004 Morris Stegosaurus semi-final: Marlon Carey
5/12/2004 Douglas Bishop and Marc Goldfinger season championship: Marlon Carey over Adam Stone
5/19/2004 Mahogany Browne Champion of Champions: Marlon Carey over Simone Beaubien
5/26/2004 Lani Radack Adam Stone
6/2/2004 2004 Cantab Slam Team Erin Jackson
6/9/2004 Evert Eden Ansel Appleton
6/16/2004 NESL (New England Slam League) Bout No Slam
6/23/2004 Jack McCarthy No Slam
6/30/2004 Daniel Gray-Kontar Eric Darby
7/7/2004 NESL Bout Gary Hicks
7/14/2004 Bill MacMillan No Slam
7/21/2004 Prabakar T. Rajan Morris Stegosaurus
7/28/2004 NESL Bout/Regional slam Lizard Lounge over Worcester over Cantab Lounge
8/4/2004 Tony Brown Harris Gardner
8/11/2004 Peng-Ean Khoo Simone Beaubien
8/18/2004 No Feature semi-final slam: Erin Jackson
8/25/2004 Sue Savoy J*me (James Caroline)
9/1/2004 No Feature semi-final slam: Simone Beaubien
9/8/2004 Susan Donnelly season championship: Erin Jackson over Simone Beaubien
9/15/2004 Adam Rubinstein Champion of Champions: Erin Jackson over Marlon Carey
9/22/2004 Ryk McIntyre Jen
9/29/2004 Yvette Leaphart J*me (James Caroline)
10/6/2004 Rachel Kann Dawn Gabriel
10/13/2004 Michael Zack Erich Hagan
10/20/2004 C. Bain Raphael
10/27/2004 Terry Creech Michael Brown
11/3/2004 Eric Zork Alan No Slam
11/10/2004 PLACES Videos Adam Stone
11/17/2004 David Surrette Jeff Taylor
11/24/2004 FIRST IWPS SLAM n/a
12/1/2004 SECOND IWPS SLAM n/a
12/8/2004 Denver: Paulie Lipman, Ian Dougherty semi-final slam: J*me (James Caroline)
12/15/2004 Matt Ernst semi-final slam: Adam Stone
12/22/2004 Regie Gibson season championship: Adam Stone over J*me (James Caroline)
12/29/2004 Carla Schwartz Champion of Champions: Erin Jackson over Adam Stone
Date Feature Slam Winner
1/5/2005 Andrea Gibson Ansel Appleton
1/12/2005 Sonya Renee j*me
1/19/2005 Richard Cambridge Ryk McIntyre
1/26/2005 No Feature (Snow) Caroline Harvey
2/2/2005 Jamaal “Versiz” May Ed Zepplin
2/9/2005 DC and Aaron Enskat from Normal Brady (Jai the Lemming) Chalmers
2/16/2005 Erotic Open Mic Gary Hoare
2/23/2005 Ansel Appleton Adam Stone
3/2/2005 Tim Cook Eric Darby
3/9/2005 Amherst Slam Team (Shira Erlichmann, Kit Wallach, Sara Cowgirl, Casey Rocheteau) Erich Hagan
3/16/2005 Chris O’Carroll semi-final slam: Ansel Appleton
3/23/2005 Kevin Mahoney semi-final slam: Gary Hoare
3/30/2005 Samantha Jane Scolamiero Philip Hasouris
4/6/2005 TEAM SLAM: Part Uh n/a
4/13/2005 TEAM SLAM: Part Duh 2005 team: Simone, Eric, Ryk/Caroline (tie), Dawn
4/20/2005 Dawn Saylor Season championship: Ansel Appleton over Gary Hoare
4/27/2005 Tod Caviness Champion of champions: Erin Jackson over Ansel Appleton
5/4/2005 Kit Yan Michael Brown
5/11/2005 Jeff Robinson Trio (w/Karuna Tanahashi spotlight feature) Adam Stone
5/18/2005 Amy Weaver Danny Balel
5/25/2005 Melissa Guillet Trevor Byrne Smith
6/1/2005 NESL match: Cantab/Lizard/Worcester No Slam
6/8/2005 Matt LeClair Erich Hagan
6/15/2005 Future (Edwin Wilson) (Canceled) Caroline Harvey
6/22/2005 Lea Deschenes J*me (James Caroline)
6/29/2005 Nicole Terez semi-final slam: Adam Stone
7/6/2005 Jon Wolf semi-final slam: J*me (James Caroline)
7/13/2005 Ragan Fox Season championship: j*me (James Caroline)
7/20/2005 No Feature Champion of champions: j*me (James Caroline) over Erin Jackson
7/27/2005 2005 Cantab Slam Team No Slam
8/3/2005 NESL Finals (Cantab over Worcester, Lizard) No Slam
8/10/2005 Phil Hasouris Caitlin Costello
8/17/2005 Michael McDonough Sean Patrick Conlon (Mulroy)
8/24/2005 Haiku Slam Haiku Slam Winner: Adam Stone
8/31/2005 Shira Erlichmann Jared Paul
9/7/2005 Vicki Murray Erich Hagan
9/14/2005 Benefit For Victims Of Hurricane Katrina Adam Stone
9/21/2005 Thomas Rain Crowe (w/Ryk McIntyre spotlight feature) 1-2-5
9/28/2005 Dave MacPherson Jacob Carter
10/5/2005 Tom Daley Tony
10/12/2005 Richard Villar semi-final slam: Adam Stone
10/19/2005 Adam Stone semi-final slam: 1-2-5
10/26/2005 No Feature Season championship: Adam Stone (1-2-5 no-show)
11/2/2005 Champion of Champions Slam Champion of Champions: Adam Stone over j*me (James Caroline)
11/9/2005 Caroline Harvey (Dawn Gabriel guest hosts) Gary Hoare
11/16/2005 Douglas Bishop and Marc Goldfinger Audrey
11/23/2005 PLACES Videos No Slam
11/30/2005 IWPS Slam, Round One n/a
12/7/2005 Andrea Gibson Erich Hagan
12/14/2005 IWPS Slam, Round Two n/a
12/21/2005 Jack McCarthy No Slam
12/28/2005 Gabrielle Bouliane Danny Balel
Date Feature Slam Winner
1/4/2006 Christa Bell Samantha Jane Scolamiero
1/11/2006 Blair Ryk McIntyre
1/18/2006 Gary Hoare Eric Darby
1/25/2006 Semi-final slam semi-final slam: Audrey Holst
2/1/2006 Ken Arkind and Panama Soweto semi-final slam: Ryk McIntyre
2/8/2006 Adam Rubinstein and Damien Flores Season championship: Ryk McIntyre over Audrey Holst
2/15/2006 Erotic Poetry Night Champion of Champions: Adam Stone over Ryk McIntyre
2/22/2006 Eric Darby Douglas Bishop
3/1/2006 Ryk McIntyre Dawn Gabriel
3/8/2006 Aaron Enskat and Steven Meads Brian Ellis
3/15/2006 C. Bain James Caroline
3/22/2006 Dawn Gabriel Brian Comiskey
3/29/2006 Tony Brown Simone Beaubien
4/5/2006 TEAM SLAMS PART UH n/a
4/12/2006 TEAM SLAMS PART DUH n/a
4/19/2006 Patricia Smith No Slam
4/26/2006 Anis Mojgani Sean Patrick Conlon (Mulroy)
5/3/2006 Corbet Dean Ryk McIntyre
5/10/2006 Ron Goba semi-final slam: Brian Ellis over James Caroline
5/17/2006 Ed Zepplin (Eirean Bradley) and John Mark Huscher semi-final slam: Sean Patrick Conlon (Mulroy)
5/24/2006 Jeff Robinson Trio season championship: Brian Ellis over Sean Patrick Conlon (Mulroy)
5/31/2006 Adam Thielker Champion of Champions: Adam Stone over Brian Ellis
6/7/2006 Sarah Sapienza Brian Ellis
6/14/2006 Chris Johnson Michael Fitzgerald
6/21/2006 LisaAnn LoBasso Nicole Homer
6/28/2006 Granma Dave and Chris August Joyce Jellison
7/5/2006 Dave Winter Emily Griffin
7/12/2006 Ren Jender Ryk McIntyre
7/19/2006 Nick Fox and Tim Cook Samantha Jane Scolamiero
7/26/2006 Regional: Cantab, Lizard Lounge, Providence, Worcester No Slam
8/2/2006 2006 Cantab Slam Team Douglas Bishop
8/9/2006 Victor Infante Matt Gallant
8/16/2006 Kit Wallach semi-final slam: Brian Ellis
8/23/2006 Jamei Bauer semi-final slam: Ryk McIntyre
8/30/2006 Ryler Dustin season championship: Brian Ellis over Ryk McIntyre (no-show)
9/6/2006 Champions of Champions Match Champion of Champions: Adam Stone over Brian Ellis
9/13/2006 Sou MacMillan Nate LeLand
9/20/2006 Michael Brown A.C. Abbot
9/27/2006 Brendan McLeod Jonathan Chin
10/4/2006 Luna Allison Dan Ames
10/11/2006 Marc Marcel Artie Moffa
10/18/2006 Scott Woods Maxwell R. Kessler
10/25/2006 Jack McCarthy Unseen the Poet
11/1/2006 Rachel McKibbens Francis Joseph
11/8/2006 Luke Warm Water Liam Coughlin
11/15/2006 Derrick Brown Eric Darby
11/22/2006 Magpie Ulysses Jamei Bauer
11/29/2006 IWPS n/a
12/6/2006 Head-to-Head Haiku with Sam R I Haiku Slam Winner: Ryk McIntyre
12/13/2006 Jared Paul Jonathan Chin
12/20/2006 PLACES Videos Dan Ames
12/27/2006 Lizard vs. Providence vs. Worcester vs. Cantab Lizard over Providence over Cantab over Worcester
Date Feature Slam Winner
1/3/2007 Mike McGee and Robbie Q Jess Del Balzo (Cording)
1/10/2007 Len Germinara Liz Kramer
1/17/2007 Regie Gibson Nate LeLand
1/24/2007 Brian Ellis Season Championship: Dan Ames over Jonthan Chin
1/31/2007 Boston Intercollegiate Slam Team: Jonathan Chin, Jamei Bauer, Dan Ames, Jess Del Balzo (Cording) Emily Griffin
2/7/2007 Rives Champion of Champions: Adam Stone over Dan Ames
2/14/2007 Erotic Poetry Night / Sean Patrick Conlon (Mulroy) No Slam
2/21/2007 Sonya Renee 1-2-5
2/28/2007 J.W. Baz James Caroline
3/7/2007 Iyeoka Okoawo Brian S. Ellis
3/14/2007 Lynne Procope Simone Beaubien
3/21/2007 Molly Meacham Shira Erlichman
3/28/2007 1-2-5 (Jamele Adams) Erich Hagan
4/4/2007 TEAM SLAMS PART UH n/a
4/11/2007 TEAM SLAMS PART DUH n/a
4/18/2007 Patricia Smith No Slam
4/25/2007 Barbara Adler (w/Adam Rubinstein spotlight feature) No Slam
5/2/2007 Billy Tuggle semi final slam: Nate Leland
5/9/2007 Valerie Lawson semi final slam: Brian Ellis
5/16/2007 Susan B.A. Somers-Willett and Genevieve Van Cleve Season Championship: Brian Ellis over Nate LeLand
5/23/2007 Jeff Robinson Trio Champion of Champions: Brian Ellis over Adam Stone
5/30/2007 Katie Wirsing and Andrea Gibson Adam Stone
6/6/2007 Artie Moffa Jamei Bauer
6/13/2007 NorthBeast Regional Cantab over Worcester over Manchester over Lizard over Providence
6/20/2007 Esme Vaandrager James Lindsay
6/27/2007 Geoff Kagan Trenchard Rainmaker
7/4/2007 No Show n/a
7/11/2007 Ed Mabrey Christopher Johnson
7/18/2007 Mindy Nettifee Artie Moffa
7/25/2007 Maze Forever (with Ocean) Trevor Byrne-Smith
8/1/2007 Cantab Slam Team No Slam
8/8/2007 Frank Miller Jason S.
8/15/2007 Marlon Carey semi final slam: Simone Beaubien
8/22/2007 Blair semi final slam: Adam Stone
8/29/2007 Casey Rocheteau (w/Taylor Mali spotlight feature) Season championship: Adam Stone over Simone Beaubien
9/5/2007 April Ranger Champion of champions: Brian S. Ellis over Adam Stone
9/12/2007 Eric Urban Nate LeLand
9/19/2007 The Duende Project (Tony Brown, Steven Faro) Khary Jackson (6 is 9)
9/26/2007 C. Bain Sharyn Wolfenbarger
10/3/2007 Danny Sherrard (w/Khary Jackson (6 is 9) spotlight feature) Adam Stone
10/10/2007 Gary Mex Glazner Lonzelle
10/17/2007 FIFTEENTH ANNIVERSARY PARTY Old School (Ryk McIntyre, Richard Cambridge, Michael Mack, Adam Stone) over New School (Brian S. Ellis, Sean Patrick Conlon (Mulroy), Dawn Gabriel, James Caroline)
10/24/2007 Laura Moran Stevie Subrizi
10/31/2007 Dead Poets’ Slam Tragic Mishap over Excess over Suicide over Natural Causes
11/7/2007 Rob Ceriani Charley Pope
11/14/2007 John Survivor Blake and ShadoKat Sam Teitel
11/21/2007 Word Warriors: 35 Women Leaders in the Spoken Word Revolution semi final slam: Adam Stone / demo slam won by Charley Pope
11/28/2007 Chad Parenteau semi final slam: Sam Teitel
12/5/2007 J*me (James Caroline) Season championship: Adam Stone over Sam Teitel
12/12/2007 Champion of Champions Slam Brian Ellis over Adam Stone
12/19/2007 Dasha Kelly Omoizele Okoawo
12/26/2007 No Show n/a
Date Feature Slam Winner
1/2/2008 Roger Bonair Agard Sean Conlon
1/9/2008 Mike McGee and Robbie Q Sam Teitel
1/16/2008 Queen Sheba Inkstress (Durham)
1/23/2008 Shannon Leigh Artie Moffa
1/30/2008 IWPS Semi-Finals n/a
2/6/2008 IWPS Finals n/a
2/13/2008 Erotic Poetry Night 1-2-5
2/20/2008 Jai Chakrabarti Charley Pope
2/27/2008 Brian S. Ellis Simone Beaubien
3/5/2008 Stevie Subrizi Adam Stone
3/12/2008 Will Evans (with J.W. Baz) Casey Rocheteau
3/19/2008 Joanna Hoffman James Caroline
3/26/2008 Jon Sands April Ranger
4/2/2008 Jack McCarthy No Slam: extended feature time
4/9/2008 Nicole Terez Dutton Cassandra de Alba
4/16/2008 TEAM SLAMS PART 1 n/a
4/23/2008 Regie Gibson No Slam: extended feature time
4/30/2008 TEAM SLAMS PART 2 n/a
5/7/2008 Jeff Robinson Trio semi final 1: Omoizele Okoawo / semi final 2: Sean Patrick Conlon (Mulroy) over Adam Stone (Sean drops out, Adam advances)
5/14/2008 Logan Phillips Season Final: Omoizele Okoawo over Adam Stone
5/21/2008 Jason Carney (Canceled) Champion of Champions Slam: Brian Ellis over Omoizele Okoawo
5/28/2008 Eamon Mahoney Anaiis (Tai Cunningham)
6/4/2008 Cara Losier Adam Stone
6/11/2008 Sue Savoy James Lindsay
6/18/2008 TEAM SLAM hosted by Bill Mac: Cantab, Worcester, Lowell, Boston Youth Slam Team Cantab over Worcester over BYS over Lowell
6/25/2008 Alex Charalambides McKendy Fils-Aime
7/2/2008 Phil West Stevie Subrizi
7/9/2008 Marty McConnell Artie Moffa
7/16/2008 TEAM SLAM: Lizard, Manchester, Portland, Cantab Cantab over Lizard over Portland over Manchester
7/23/2008 Lizz Straight (Canceled, air delays) Double-header team slam: Cantab over Hampshire
7/30/2008 2008 Cantab Slam Team No Slam: extended feature time
8/6/2008 Dave Surette Jason Henry Simon-Bierenbaum
8/13/2008 Lea Deschenes and Dorinda Wegener Trevor Byrne-Smith
8/20/2008 Laura Vookles (LV) Semi-final slam: Adam Stone
8/27/2008 Erich Hagan No Slam
9/3/2008 Dave Keali’i Semi-final slam: Trevor Byrne-Smith
9/10/2008 Carrie Rudzinski Season Final: Adam Stone
9/17/2008 Champion of Champions Slam Champion of Champions: Adam Stone over Brian S. Ellis
9/24/2008 Michael Fitzgerald Maxwell Kessler
10/1/2008 Daphne Gottlieb Sam Teitel
10/8/2008 George Watsky Kevin Devaney
10/15/2008 Simone Beaubien Sean Patrick Conlon (Mulroy)
10/22/2008 Emily Kagan Trenchard Carlos Williams
10/29/2008 Andrea Gibson Artie Moffa
11/5/2008 Richard Cambridge Jesse Welch
11/12/2008 30/30 All-Stars No Slam
11/19/2008 Danielle Goncalves Jason Henry Simon-Bierenbaum
11/26/2008 Adam Stone Semi-final: Sean Patrick Conlon (Mulroy)
12/3/2008 Adam Falkner Semi-final: Artie Moffa
12/10/2008 Max Kessler Omoizele Okoawo
12/17/2008 Eric Darby Season final: Sean Conlon over Artie Moffa
12/24/2008 No Show n/a
12/31/2008 FIRST NIGHT SHOW n/a
Date Feature Slam Winner
1/7/2009 Shira Erlichman Erich Hagan
1/14/2009 Twain Dooley Champion of Champions Slam: Adam Stone over Sean Patrick Conlon (Mulroy)
1/21/2009 Scott Woods April Ranger
1/28/2009 IWPS Semis Finals n/a
2/4/2009 Khary Jackson (6 is 9) Mike McGee
2/11/2009 Erotic Poetry Night featuring Sean Patrick Conlon (Mulroy) No Slam
2/18/2009 IWPS Finals April Ranger
2/25/2009 Akua Doku Maxwell R. Kessler
3/4/2009 CUPSI Send-Off: Hampshire, Emerson, Brandeis, Berklee Brandeis over Emerson over Hampshire over Berklee
3/11/2009 James Lindsay Casey Rocheteau
3/18/2009 Mike McGee Delisile Godeffroy-Taylor
3/25/2009 Carlos Williams Stevie Subrizi
4/1/2009 Shappy Seaholtz Last Chance Slam: Kevin Spak
4/8/2009 Team Slams Part One n/a
4/15/2009 Michael Brown No Slam
4/22/2009 Caroline Harvey No Slam
4/29/2009 Team Slams Part Two n/a
5/6/2009 Jeff Robinson Trio / Matthew Klane Semi-Final: April Ranger
5/13/2009 Kevin Spak Semi-Final: Maxwell Kessler
5/20/2009 Mahogany Browne (Canceled) Season Championship: April forfeits to Max / Open slam winner: Kass
5/27/2009 Ryk McIntyre and Carlos Gomez Champion of Champions Slam: Maxwell R. Kessler over Adam Stone
6/3/2009 REGIONAL SLAM: Portland v. Hampshire v. Providence v. Cantab Providence over Cantab over Hampshire over Portland
6/10/2009 Jeanann Verlee April Ranger (speed slam)
6/17/2009 Laura Yes Yes (Canceled) / YOUTH SLAM: Worcester over Boston over Lowell Sam Teitel (speed slam)
6/24/2009 Patrick S. Andy Locke (speed slam)
7/1/2009 REGIONAL SLAM: Lizard v. Manchester v. Worcester v. Cantab Cantab over Lizard over Manchester over Worcester
7/8/2009 Chicken Slam n/a
7/15/2009 Airea Dee Matthews Sean Conlon (speed slam)
7/22/2009 Ryler Dustin Charley Pope (speed slam)
7/29/2009 2009 Cantab Slam Team n/a
8/5/2009 Victor Infante Kevin Spak (speed slam)
8/12/2009 Cassandra Tribe Vinh Hua (speed slam)
8/19/2009 Jeff Stumpo Megan Thoma (speed slam)
8/26/2009 Brian S. Ellis semi final slam: April Ranger
9/2/2009 David Perez semi final slam: Kevin Spak
9/9/2009 Jade Sylvan season championship: April Ranger over Kevin Spak
9/16/2009 Champion of Champions Champion of Champions: Max Kessler over April Ranger
9/23/2009 Bluz Stevie Subrizi
9/30/2009 April Ranger No Slam
10/7/2009 Connor Dooley and Ian Kahdan David Wayne
10/14/2009 Omoizele Okoawo Georgie Delgado
10/21/2009 Jack McCarthy No Slam
10/28/2009 Gold Fails (Caitlin Messiner and James Caroline) Michael Monroe
11/4/2009 Prabakar Rajin Sean Conlon
11/11/2009 Rob Sturma Charley Pope
11/18/2009 Rachel McKibbens April Ranger
11/25/2009 Group Piece Slam Individual: April Ranger, Group: Kevin Spak and Melissa Newman-Evans
12/2/2009 Harlym125 Carrie Rudzinski
12/9/2009 Joshua Bennett semi final slam: David Wayne
12/16/2009 Tara Betts semi final slam: Carrie Rudzinski
12/23/2009 Paulie Lipman No season championship slam / Open slam winner: Adam Stone
12/30/2009 Leslie McIntosh Melissa Newman-Evans
Date Feature Slam Winner
1/6/2010 Sierra DeMulder Patrick S.
1/13/2010 Will Evans Erin Jackson
1/20/2010 IWPS Speed Slam n/a
1/27/2010 BROWNSTAR John Survivor Blake
2/3/2010 Eboni Hogan Kevin Spak
2/10/2010 Erotic Poetry Open Mic feat. Stephen Meads & April Ranger (Canceled: Cynthia French, Delisile Taylor) No Slam
2/17/2010 David Winter Sam Teitel
2/24/2010 IWPS Finals Carrie Rudzinski
3/3/2010 Laura Yes Yes Omoizele Okoawo
3/10/2010 CUPSI warm-up Hampshire over Emerson over Brandeis over Berklee
3/17/2010 Megan Thoma Trevor Liam Byrne-Smith
3/24/2010 Mindy Nettifee Simone Beaubien
3/31/2010 TEAM SLAMS PRELIMS n/a
4/7/2010 No Show (CUPSI) No Show
4/14/2010 Karen Finneyfrock No Slam
4/28/2010 TEAM SLAM FINALS n/a
5/5/2010 Denise Jolly semi finals: Patrick S.
5/12/2010 Matt Gano semi finals: Omoizele Okoawo
5/19/2010 RC Weslowski season championship: Omoizele Okoawo over Patrick S.
5/26/2010 REGIONAL SLAM: Worcester vs. Lowell vs. Manchester vs. Cantab No Slam
6/2/2010 Taylor Mali Patrick S.
6/9/2010 Christopher Kain (Canceled, Left Sick) Adam Stone
6/16/2010 Jamaal Versiz May Sam Teitel
6/23/2010 Nick Fox Black Angus
6/30/2010 Tristan Silverman and Marty McConnell No Slam: 1-hour feature
7/7/2010 REGIONAL SLAM: Lizard, Portland, Hampshire, Providence n/a
7/14/2010 Jacob Rakovan Megan Thoma
7/21/2010 Jon Sands McKendy Fils-Aime
7/28/2010 2010 Cantab Slam Team No Slam
8/4/2010 Nicole Terez Dutton Anthony C.
8/11/2010 Patricia Smith No Slam
8/18/2010 Nicole Homer Chad Anderson
8/25/2010 Christopher Kain (Reschedule) Adam over Sam over Patrick S.
9/1/2010 Louise Robertson semi final: Chad Anderson
9/8/2010 Melissa Newman-Evans semi final: Adam Stone
9/15/2010 C. Bain Season Finalists Slam-Off for Champion of Champions: Adam Stone over Omoizele Okoawo
9/22/2010 Lynne Procope (Canceled due to illness, fill-in by Sean Patrick Conlon [Mulroy]) Patrick S.
9/29/2010 Geoff Kagan Trenchard Kevin Devaney
10/6/2010 Carrie Rudzinski No Slam
10/13/2010 John Survivor Blake April Ranger
10/20/2010 Derek Williams Wil Gibson
10/27/2010 Dead Poets’ Slam No Slam
11/3/2010 Seth Walker Matthew Richards
11/10/2010 Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz Krista Mosca
11/17/2010 Ian Williams Michael Monroe
11/24/2010 Erica Fabri McKendy Fils-Aime
12/1/2010 Group Piece Slam n/a
12/8/2010 Lee Knight, Jr. (Canceled: Flight Delayed) semi final: Wil Gibson
12/15/2010 Mahogany Browne (Canceled), Fill in by Ken Arkind semi: McKendy Fils-Aime
12/22/2010 Amy David season championship: McKendy Fils-Aime
12/29/2010 Michael Monroe Champion of champions: Adam Stone over McKendy Fils-Aime
Date Feature Slam Winner
1/5/2011 IWPS Semi-Final Speed Slam n/a
1/12/2011 Charley Pope and Kevin Devaney (cancelled due to snow) n/a
1/19/2011 IWPS Final Slam April Ranger
1/26/2011 Blair Rachel McKibbens
2/2/2011 Lynne Procope Omoizele Okoawo
2/9/2011 Erotic Poetry Night No Slam
2/16/2011 Andy Locke Sean Patrick Conlon (Mulroy)
2/23/2011 Phil Kaye Sam Teitel
3/2/2011 Jen Gigantino Maya Phillips
3/9/2011 Raphael Luckom Kevin Spak
3/16/2011 Adam Stone (Christa Bell Canceled) Carrie Rudzinski
3/23/2011 Khary Jackson Melissa Newman-Evans
3/30/2011 CUPSI Warm-Up: Hampshire vs. Berklee vs. Brandeis vs. Clark, BU vs. Emerson vs. Middlesex vs. Brown n/a
4/6/2011 TEAM SLAM n/a
4/13/2011 Michael Mack none
4/20/2011 TEAM SLAM n/a
4/27/2011 TEAM SLAM n/a
5/4/2011 John Hodgen semi final: Sam Teitel
5/11/2011 Ron Goba semi final: Kevin Spak
5/18/2011 NorthBEAST Regional Portland, Lowell, Providence, Cantab
5/25/2011 Greg “Bee” Brisendine season champion: Sam Teitel over Kevin Spak
6/1/2011 Jamila Woods Champion of Champions: Adam Stone over Sam Teitel
6/8/2011 NorthBEAST Regional Cantab over Lizard over Manchester over Worcester
6/15/2011 Jack McCarthy Z
6/22/2011 Nate Amadon Carlos Williams
6/29/2011 MBTA Slam (produced by Stevie Subrizi) Green Line over Blue Line over Orange Line over Red Line
7/6/2011 Sarah Sapienza Sophia Holtz
7/13/2011 Casey Rocheteau Tatyana Brown
7/20/2011 NorthBEAST Regional Indy Slam n/a
7/27/2011 Caroline Harvey Matthew Richards
8/3/2011 2011 Cantab Slam Team No Slam
8/17/2011 Kemi Alabi Paulie Lipman
8/24/2011 Regie Cabico Antonia Lassar
8/31/2011 Sam Teitel McKendy Fils-Aime
9/7/2011 Kim Johnson Semi-final: Carlos Williams
9/14/2011 Daemond Arrindell Semi-Final: McKendy Fils-Aime
9/21/2011 Ryk McIntyre Season Championship: McKendy Fils-Aime
9/28/2011 April Ranger Champion of Champions: Adam Stone over McKendy Files-Aime
10/5/2011 Amber Rose Tamblyn Bobby Crawford
10/12/2011 BEER SLAM Chasers over Recovering over $3 Drafts over IPAs
10/19/2011 Alexander Nemser Sam Teitel
10/26/2011 Will Gibson Nate Leland
11/2/2011 Sophia Holtz Sean Patrick Conlon (Mulroy)
11/9/2011 Alvin Lau Brian Omni Dillon
11/16/2011 McKendy Fils-Aime Meaghan Ford
11/23/2011 Lucifury (Theo Wilson) Simone Beaubien
11/30/2011 Maya Phillips Melissa Newman-Evans
12/7/2011 Jamei Bauer Semi-Final: Sean Patrick Conlon (Mulroy)
12/14/2011 Christian Drake Semi-Final: Simone Beaubien
12/21/2011 Amethyst Arsenic Simone Beaubien over Sean Patrick Conlon (Mulroy)
12/28/2011 Champion of Champions Slam Simone Beaubien over Adam Stone
Date Feature Slam Winner
1/4/2012 Theresa Davis Christian Drake
1/11/2012 Scott Beal Kevin Spak
1/18/2012 IWPS Speed Slam n/a
1/25/2012 Megan Falley Patrick S.
2/1/2012 IWPS Finals McKendy Fils-Aime
2/8/2012 Sierra DeMulder Ed Wilkinson
2/15/2012 Erotic Poetry Night H2H Dirty Haiku: Adam Stone over Harlym125
2/22/2012 Angel Nafis Maya Phillips
2/29/2012 Neiel Israel Omoizele Okoawo
3/7/2012 Gregory Hischak Kemi Alabi
3/14/2012 Stephen Meads Matthew Richards
3/21/2012 Jamaal “Versiz” May Season Champ: Patrick S / Champion Of Champions: Simone Beaubien over Patrick S
3/28/2012 James Caroline Sophia Holtz
4/4/2012 Team Slams #1 n/a
4/11/2012 Anis Mojgani No Slam
4/18/2012 Team Slams #2 n/a
4/25/2012 Team Slams #3 n/a
5/2/2012 Emily Rose Nathan Comstock
5/9/2012 Patricia Smith No Slam
5/16/2012 Franny Choi Adam Stone
5/23/2012 Tom Slavin Melissa Newman-Evans
5/30/2012 Box of Doom by Adam Stone No Slam
6/6/2012 Erich Hagan Marshall Gillson
6/13/2012 Team Slam Portland, Providence, LouderARTS, Cantab
6/20/2012 Lauren Zuniga Anna Gallagher
6/27/2012 Danez Smith Nora Meiners
7/4/2012 No Show No Slam
7/11/2012 Team Slam Manchester, Lizard Lounge, Lowell, Cantab
7/18/2012 Laura Lamb Brown-Lavoie Zanne Langlois
7/25/2012 Tyler Smith Season Champ: Zanne Langlois / Champion Of Champions: Zanne Langlois over Simone Beaubien
8/1/2012 2012 Cantab Slam Team No Slam
8/8/2012 Cassandra de Alba Kayla Wheeler
8/15/2012 Ross Gay Mckendy Fils-Aime
8/22/2012 Stevie Edwards Christian Drake
8/29/2012 Tatyana Brown Sophia Holtz
9/5/2012 Michael F. Gill Ed Wilkinson
9/12/2012 Ellie White Michael Monroe
9/19/2012 Omar Holmon Bobby Crawford
9/26/2012 Mckendy Fils-Aime No Slam
10/3/2012 Brian S. Ellis Meaghan Ford
10/10/2012 Robyn Bateman and Meg Waldron Season Champ: Mckendy Fils-Aime / Champion Of Champions: Zanne Langlois over Mckendy Fils-Aime
10/15/2012 CANTAB ANTHOLOGY PARTY (Curated by Adam Stone) No Slam
10/17/2012 Michael Brown and Simone Beaubien No Slam
10/24/2012 Gypsee Yo Zeke Russell
10/31/2012 DEAD POETS’ SLAM: FOUR HUMOURS Melancholics over Cholerics over Sanguine over Phlegmatics
11/7/2012 George Yamazawa Jade Sylvan
11/14/2012 Chris August Brenna Kleiman
11/21/2012 Adam Stone Bobby Crawford
11/28/2012 Nicole Terez Dutton Sean Patrick Mulroy
12/5/2012 Melissa Newman-Evans Eddy Martinez
12/12/2012 Mike McGee Sam Teitel
12/19/2012 Deonte Osayande Omoizele Okoawo
12/26/2012 Casey Rocheteau Season Champ: Jade Sylvan / Champion Of Champions: Zanne Langlois over Jade Sylvan
Date Feature Slam Winner
1/2/2013 Jon Sands Danger Ranger (April Ranger)
1/9/2013 Team Slams I n/a
1/16/2013 Lucia Misch Nathan Comstock (speed slam)
1/23/2013 Beau Williams Mary Lambert
1/30/2013 Miles Walser Zeke Russell
2/6/2013 Team Slams II n/a
2/13/2013 Erotic Poetry Night / Love vs Death Slam produced by Kevin Spak Death over Love 4-3
2/20/2013 Wes Hazard Bobby Crawford
2/27/2013 CUPSI Warm-Up Harvard vs. Simmons vs. Emerson
3/6/2013 Patricia Smith & AWP friends No Slam
3/13/2013 Team Slams III n/a
3/20/2013 Sam Sax Tom Slavin
3/27/2013 Cameron Awkward-Rich Dave McKenna
4/3/2013 POET POPULIST READING: Lo Gallucio and Tom Yuille, hosted by Jade Sylvan Simone Beaubien
4/10/2013 Artie Moffa Kieran Collier
4/17/2013 Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz No Slam
4/24/2013 Marty McConnell Champion of Champions: Tom Slavin over Zanne Langlois
5/1/2013 World Qualifier Semi-Finals n/a
5/8/2013 Rachel McKibbens Melissa Newman-Evans
5/15/2013 April (March) Penn Zeke Russell
5/22/2013 Marshall Gillson Sean Patrick Mulroy
5/29/2013 World Qualifier Finals n/a
6/5/2013 Lisa Slater Nathan Comstock
6/12/2013 Eliel Lucero Phoenix Bunke
6/19/2013 Ross Hickerson Princess Chan
6/26/2013 REGIONAL SLAM hosted by Nick Fox Mill City, Manchester, Portland Rhythmic Cypher, Cantab
7/3/2013 Krysten Hill Jenn Carter
7/10/2013 Harlym125 Tina “TLove” Smith
7/17/2013 REGIONAL SLAM Portland Poetry Slam, Lizard Lounge, Worcester, Providence
7/24/2013 Stevie Subrizi Champion of Champions: Tom Slavin over Sean Patrick Mulroy
7/31/2013 NUPIC n/a
8/7/2013 2013 BPS slam team No Slam
8/21/2013 Sara Brickman (rescheduled from: Charley Pope) Bobby Crawford
8/28/2013 Justin Lamb Marshall Gillson
9/4/2013 Jeremy Radin Meaghan Ford
9/11/2013 Emily O’Neill Melissa Newman-Evans
9/18/2013 Bobby Crawford No Slam (extended feature set)
9/25/2013 Mahogany Browne and Jennifer Falu Mckendy Fils-Aime
10/2/2013 Ed Mabrey Sophia Holtz
10/9/2013 Carrie Rudzinski Ed Wilkinson
10/16/2013 Chad Anderson Kieran Collier
10/23/2013 Andrew Ek Champion of Champions: Tom Slavin over Marshall Gillson
10/30/2013 Jack McCarthy Memorial Slam n/a
11/6/2013 Eirean Bradley Janae Johnson
11/13/2013 Janae Johnson Nora Meiners
11/20/2013 Craig Nelson Allison Truj
11/27/2013 Matthew Richards Zanne Langlois
12/4/2013 Nora Meiners Sierra Lister
12/11/2013 Suzi Q Smith Chris Lee
12/18/2013 Dave Winter Sean Patrick Mulroy (Sestina Slam)
12/25/2013 No Show n/a
Date Feature Slam Winner
1/1/2014 Stevie Edwards Omoizele Okoawo
1/8/2014 Casey Rocheteau Champion of Champions: Sean Patrick Mulroy over Tom Slavin
1/15/2014 Hanif Abdurraqib Michael Monroe
1/22/2014 Team Selection Slam 1 n/a
1/29/2014 Sam Teitel Chloe Cunha
2/5/2014 Porsha Olayiwola Nora Meiners
2/12/2014 Erotic Poetry Night Box of Doom Slam (produced by Adam Stone): Chloe Cunha
2/19/2014 Team Selection Slam 2 n/a
2/26/2014 CUPSI Send-Off Berklee, Emerson, Simmons, Northeastern, Harvard
3/5/2014 Jeanann Verlee Zeke Russell
3/12/2014 Zeke Russell Princess Chan
3/19/2014 Scott Woods Ed Wilkinson
3/26/2014 Team Selection Slam 3 n/a
4/2/2014 Khary Jackson Ellyn Touchette
4/9/2014 Ed Wilkinson Nathan Comstock
4/16/2014 Geoff Kagan Trenchard Emily Carroll
4/23/2014 Hieu Minh Nguyen Champion of Champions: Ellyn Touchette over Sean Patrick Mulroy
4/30/2014 C. Bain Last Chance Speed Slam: Dave McKenna
5/7/2014 IWPS Semi-Finals n/a
5/14/2014 Sasha Banks Nora Meiners
5/21/2014 Tonya Ingram Austin Hendricks
5/28/2014 IWPS Finals n/a
6/4/2014 Will Evans Marshall Gillson
6/11/2014 Maya Phillips Zeke Russell
6/18/2014 NorthBEAST 4×4 Cantab over louderARTS over Providence over Rythmic Cypher
6/25/2014 Brendan Constantine Bobby Crawford
7/2/2014 Patricia Smith n/a
7/9/2014 Nathan Comstock Adam Stone
7/16/2014 NorthBEAST 4×4 Urbana over Lizard over Manchester over Port Vertias
7/23/2014 Kevin Spak Jake Villarreal
7/30/2014 2014 BPS Team Feature n/a
8/6/2014 The Adam Stone Anti-Slam Sophia Holtz
8/13/2014 Jacob Rakovan Season Champion: Bobby Crawford / Champion of Champions: Bobby Crawford over Ellyn Touchette
8/20/2014 Tova Charles and Zai Sadler (Canceled, replaced with double-farewell: Melissa Newman-Evans and Alex Ehrhardt) Mckendy Fils-Aimé
8/27/2014 Imani Cezanne (Canceled, replaced with April Ranger) Meaghan Ford
9/3/2014 Ryk McIntyre Zeke Russell
9/10/2014 Jade Sylvan Nathan Comstock
9/17/2014 Star Trek vs. Star Wars Nerd Slam (produced by Nathan Comstock with Adam Stone) n/a
9/24/2014 Mckendy Fils-Aimé Emily Eastman
10/1/2014 Sean Patrick Mulroy No slam, extended feature time
10/8/2014 Ocean Vuong Adam Stone
10/15/2014 Andrew Campana Sean Patrick Mulroy
10/22/2014 Meaghan Ford John Mortara
10/29/2014 Nate Marshall (Canceled) Season Champion: Sean Patrick Mulroy / Champion of Champions: Sean Patrick Mulroy Over Bobby Crawford
11/5/2014 Cheryl Maddalena Emily Carroll
11/12/2014 Manvir Singh Ed Wilkinson
11/19/2014 Carrie Rudzinski Zanne Langlois
11/26/2014 Angel Nafis (Canceled, Ken Arkind to fill in) Mike Leon
12/3/2014 Franny Choi Zeke Russell
12/10/2014 Mike McGee Mckendy Fils-Aimé
12/17/2014 Brian S. Ellis Meaghan Ford
12/24/2014 No Show n/a
12/31/2014 First Night Boston n/a
Date Feature Slam Winner
1/7/2015 Rachel McKibbens Sophia Holtz
1/14/2015 Pages Matam Season Champ: Ed Wilkinson / Champion of champions: Sean Patrick Mulroy over Ed Wilkinson
1/21/2015 Jason Carney Last Chance: Colin Killick
1/28/2015 Team Slam Prelim 1 n/a
2/4/2015 Team Slam Prelim 2 n/a
2/11/2015 Erotic Poetry Night: Virtues vs. Sins Seven Heavenly Virtues (capt. Sean Mulroy) vs. Seven Deadly Sins (capt. Jade Sylvan)
2/18/2015 Team Slam Semis n/a
2/25/2015 Doc Luben Sheldon Alexander
3/4/2015 Reggie Gibson (Canceled: Tara Hardy) Chloe Cunha
3/11/2015 Jesse Parent Sophia Holtz
3/18/2015 CUPSI Warm-Up: Emerson, Simmons, Berklee, Northeastern n/a
3/25/2015 Rachel Wiley Sam Mercer
4/1/2015 Team Slam Finals n/a
4/8/2015 Karen Finneyfrock Nora Meiners
4/15/2015 Emily Rose Kahn-Sheahan (Canceled: Danez Smith) Kylie Noelle
4/22/2015 Chanel Dupree Janae Johnson
4/29/2015 Hanif Abdurraqib-Willis Bobby Crawford
5/6/2015 Michael Brown Simone Beaubien
5/13/2015 World Qualifier Speed Slam n/a
5/20/2015 Anthony Ragler Season Champ: Chloe Cunha / Champion of Champions: Sean Patrick Mulroy over Chloe Cunha
5/27/2015 Ron Goba Rachel Dunkel
6/3/2015 Jeffrey McDaniel J.R. Mahung
6/10/2015 World Qualifier Finals n/a
6/17/2015 Emily Carroll Christian
6/24/2015 NorthBEAST 5×4 Cantab, Urbana, Lizard, Port Veritas, Providence
7/1/2015 Jason Bayani J.R. Mahung
7/8/2015 Robert Lashley Ed Wilkinson
7/15/2015 NorthBEAST 5×4 Cantab, Manchester, Worcester, Northhampton, House Slam
7/22/2015 Ariel Baker-Gibbs Josh Elbaum
7/29/2015 Aziza Barnes Mckendy Fils-Aimé
8/5/2015 2015 BPS Team Feature No Slam
8/12/2015 Jess Rizkallah Meaghan Ford
8/19/2015 Sam Mercer Season champ: Mckendy Fils-Aime
8/26/2015 Scott Beal Marshall Gillson
9/2/2015 Tom Daley Simone Beaubien
9/9/2015 Franny Choi Zeke Russell
9/16/2015 Nora Meiners (Canceled: Venessa Marco) Jess Riz
9/23/2015 Princess Moon Adam Stone
9/30/2015 Jared Singer Bobby Crawford
10/7/2015 Jeremy Radin Emily O’Neill
10/14/2015 C. Bain Ed Wilkinson
10/21/2015 Tim Toaster Henderson Season Champion: Emily O’Neill / Champion of Champions: Mckendy Fils-Aime Over Emily O’Neill
10/28/2015 Melissa Lozada-Oliva Nora Meiners
11/4/2015 Clint Smith Neiel Israel
11/11/2015 Joshua Bennett Quentin Lucas
11/18/2015 Eirean Bradley Zeke Russell
11/25/2015 Chloé Cunha Cecily Schuler
12/2/2015 Marshall Gillson Bobby Crawford
12/9/2015 José Guadalupe Olivarez Jess Riz
12/16/2015 Lauren Yates Manvir Singh
12/23/2015 No Show n/a
12/30/2015 Sam Rush Champion of Champions: Mckendy Fils-Aime
Date Feature Slam Winner
1/6/2016 Sophia Holtz Colin Killick
1/13/2016 Team Slam Prelim 1 n/a
1/20/2016 Team Slam Prelim 2 n/a
1/27/2016 Eve Ewing Ed Wilkinson
2/3/2016 Emmanuel Oppong-Yeboah RebeccaLynn Gualtieri
2/10/2016 Erotic Poetry Night feat. The Schmaltz Slam The Schmaltz Slam Produced by Emily Carroll: Valentines vs. Pick-Up Lines
2/17/2016 Team Slam Semis n/a
2/24/2016 Siaara Freeman Nora Meiners
3/2/2016 Janaka Stucky Jess Rizkallah
3/9/2016 Rushelle Frazier (Canceled: Raven Skye McGill & Timothy DuWhite) John Pinkham
3/16/2016 Team Slam Finals n/a
3/23/2016 Jonah Comstock Meaghan Ford
3/30/2016 CUPSI Warm-Up w/Tariq Luthun n/a
4/6/2016 Ben Clark & Emily Rose Adam Stone
4/13/2016 Cassandra de Alba Chloé Cunha
4/20/2016 Ross Gay Season Champ: Nora Meiners / Champion of Champions: Mckendy Fils-Aime over Nora Meiners
4/27/2016 Rose Smith Last Chance IWPS Slam: RebeccaLynn Gualtieri
5/4/2016 World Qualifier Speed Slam n/a
5/11/2016 Anis Mojgani Neiel Israel
5/18/2016 World Qualifier Finals n/a
5/25/2016 Fatimah Asghar Bagheera Kohler
6/1/2016 Matt Mason Kai Banker
6/8/2016 Desireé Dallagiacomo Jess Rizkallah
6/15/2016 Brendan Constantine WLK the Poet
6/22/2016 NorthBEAST 4×4 Noho, House, Union Square
6/29/2016 Nicole Shantè Sky Raven
7/6/2016 NorthBEAST 4×4 7Hills, Mill City, House Slam, Cantab
7/13/2016 Thomas Fucaloro Bobby Crawford
7/20/2016 NorthBEAST 4×4 Lizard Lounge, Manchester, Providence, Cantab
7/27/2016 2016 Boston Poetry Slam Team n/a
8/3/2016 Jeff Taylor Adam Stone
8/10/2016 Timothy DuWhite Season Champion: Jess Riz / Champion of Champions: Jess Riz over Mckendy Fils-Aime
8/17/2016 Valerie Loveland Ron Prudent
8/24/2016 Taylor Steele Claudia Wilson
8/31/2016 Oomp Will RebeccaLynn Gualtieri
9/7/2016 Scott Woods (Canceled, Tom Slavin fills in) Neiel Israel
9/14/2016 Catherine Martin Zeke Russell
9/21/2016 Manvir Singh Myles Taylor
9/28/2016 Simone Beaubien Marshall Gillson
10/5/2016 Neiel Israel No Slam
10/12/2016 Muggs Fogarty Adam Stone
10/19/2016 Marty McConnell champion of champions: Jess Riz over RebeccaLynn Gualtieri
10/26/2016 Zeke Russell Brandon Melendez
11/2/2016 Joshua Elbaum Kieran Collier
11/9/2016 William Evans Meaghan Ford
11/16/2016 Vernell Bristow John Pinkham
11/23/2016 High School Reunion Slam Freshmen over Sophomores over Juniors over Seniors
11/30/2016 Gabriel Ramirez Allison Truj
12/7/2016 Jasmin Roberts Zeke Russell
12/14/2016 Scott Woods Austin Hendricks
12/21/2016 Valerie Lawson Kye Noelle
12/28/2016 Zanne Langlois Champion of champions: Kye Noelle over Jess Riz
Date Feature Slam Winner
1/4/2017 Nkosi Nkululeko Justin Jiménez
1/11/2017 Team Slam Prelim 1 n/a
1/18/2017 Team Slam Prelim 2 n/a
1/25/2017 Nicole Terez Dutton Brandon Melendez
2/1/2017 Sasha Banks Lip McDonald (Manegio)
2/8/2017 Erotic Poetry Night / Love v. Death theme slam n/a
2/15/2017 Safia Elhillo Kieran Collier
2/22/2017 Hieu Minh Nguyen Sara Mae Henke
3/1/2017 Team Slam Semis n/a
3/8/2017 Raena Shirali and David Winter RebeccaLynn Gualtieri
3/15/2017 CUPSI Warm-Up Simmons, Wheelock, Northeastern, Emerson
3/22/2017 CUPSI Coaches’ Slam (Canceled: Deonte Osayande) Zenaida Peterson
3/29/2017 Team Slam Finals n/a
4/5/2017 Robert Lashley John Pinkham
4/12/2017 April (March) Penn Ron Prudent
4/19/2017 JR Mahung Champion of Champions slam: RebeccaLynn Gualtieri over Kye Noelle
4/26/2017 Jonathan Mendoza Spencer Burchill
5/3/2017 World Qualifier Speed Slam n/a
5/10/2017 Cecily Schuler Suzanne O’Toole
5/17/2017 Jess Rizkallah Colin Killick
5/24/2017 World Qualifier Finals n/a
5/31/2017 Maya Phillips Lip McDonald (Manegio)
6/7/2017 Northbeast 4×4 House over Cantab over Providence over Noho
6/14/2017 Jon Sands Evan Cutts
6/21/2017 Northbeast 4×4 House Slam, Cantab, Slam Free Or Die, 2 from Verbal Slap w/RLynn and Sara Mae
6/28/2017 Raych Jackson Lyra
7/5/2017 Marisa Glynn Jackie Perry
7/12/2017 Northbeast 4×4 Lizard Lounge, Mill City, Slam Free or Die, Cantab
7/19/2017 Melissa Newman-Evans Anna Binkovitz
7/26/2017 Tatiana M.R. Johnson John Pinkham
8/2/2017 2017 Boston Poetry Slam Team n/a
8/9/2017 Champion of Champions slam Champs slam: RebeccaLynn Gualtieri over Anna Binkovitz
8/16/2017 Evan Cutts & Red Maienza [Postponed: Emily Duggan] Lip MacDonald (Manegio)
8/23/2017 Danielle Legros Georges George Abraham
8/30/2017 Liv Mckee Evan Cutts
9/6/2017 Al Gundy Meaghan Ford
9/13/2017 Simone John No Slam, Late start due to plumbing issue
9/20/2017 Jackie Perry Zeke Russell
9/27/2017 Sam Rush Kieran Collier
10/4/2017 Zeke Russell No Slam, extended feature
10/11/2017 Robbie Dunning Mckendy Fils-Aimé
10/18/2017 Zenaida Peterson Lucas Dean
10/25/2017 Claudia Wilson Champion of Champions slam: RebeccaLynn Gualtieri over Zeke Russell
11/1/2017 All Soul’s Slam Died Young over Died Younger 5-2
11/8/2017 Nicole Homer Brandon Melendez
11/15/2017 Ricky Orng Allison Truj
11/22/2017 John Pinkham Myles Taylor
11/29/2017 Hogwart’s House Slam Ravenclaw over Hufflepuff over Gryffindor over Slytherin
12/6/2017 RebeccaLynn Gualtieri Kye Noelle
12/13/2017 Austin Hendricks Cassandra de Alba
12/20/2017 Catherine Weiss Sara Mae Henke
12/27/2017 Emily Duggan Jose Zepeda
Date Feature Slam Winner
1/3/2018 Angelica Maria Neiel Israel
1/10/2018 Jelal Huyler Champion of Champions Slam: Brandon Melendez over RebeccaLynn Gualtieri
1/17/2018 Nancy Huang Last Chance: Lindsey Michelle
1/24/2018 Team Prelims part one n/a
1/31/2018 Team Prelims part two n/a
2/7/2018 Hanif Abdurraqib RebeccaLynn
2/14/2018 Ariana Brown / No Romance Open Mic n/a
2/21/2018 Team Semis n/a
2/28/2018 D. Colin Liv McKee
3/7/2018 CUPSI slam n/a
3/14/2018 C. Bain Lip McDonald (Manegio)
3/21/2018 Team Finals n/a
3/28/2018 Bobby Crawford Evan Cutts
4/4/2018 Jalem Towler (Canceled: Hazem Fahmy) Sam Zilli
4/11/2018 Linette Reeman Glenn Uhde
4/18/2018 Mia Willis Sean Patrick Mulroy
4/25/2018 Ashley Davis JR Mahung
5/2/2018 Kieran Collier Season Champion: RebeccaLynn Gualtieri / Champion of Champions: Brandon Melendez over RebeccaLynn Gualtieri
5/9/2018 Chen Chen Last Chance Speed Slam: Myles Taylor
5/16/2018 World Qualifier Speed Slam n/a
5/23/2018 Chrysanthemum Tran RebeccaLynn
5/30/2018 Evan Cutts Nora Meiners
6/6/2018 World Qualifier Finals n/a
6/13/2018 Sara Brickman Myles Taylor
6/20/2018 Sean Patrick Mulroy Evan Cutts
6/27/2018 4×4 team slam House, Noho, Providence
7/4/2018 No Show, Cantab closed n/a
7/11/2018 Lydia Havens Mugs Myers
7/18/2018 4×4 team slam Pulp, SFoD, Mill City
7/25/2018 Anna Binkovitz Lip Manegio
8/1/2018 Crystal Valentine (Canceled: Eloisa Amezcua) Zeke Russell
8/8/2018 2018 Team Feature n/a
8/15/2018 Jayy Dodd Acapellame
8/22/2018 Charlotte Abotsi Champion of Champions Slam: Brandon Melendez over Myles Taylor
8/29/2018 Jeremy Radin No Slam
9/5/2018 Jeanann Verlee No Slam
9/12/2018 Slam: SSO What? (Sestina, Sonnet, Ode) n/a
9/19/2018 Julie Gaskill & Stephen Meads No Slam
9/26/2018 Emily O’Neill No Slam
10/3/2018 JR Mahung No Slam
10/10/2018 Muggs Fogarty No Slam
10/17/2018 Anthony Febo No Slam
10/24/2018 Neiel Israel No Slam
10/31/2018 Slam: Ghost Story n/a
11/7/2018 Ewan Hill No Slam
11/14/2018 Petty Party Slam n/a
11/21/2018 Emmanuel Oppong-Yeboah No Slam
11/28/2018 Janae Johnson No Slam
12/5/2018 Myles Taylor No Slam
12/12/2018 Mary Boo Anderson No Slam
12/19/2018 Astrology Team Slam hosted & produced by Myles Taylor n/a
12/26/2018 No Show n/a
Date Feature Slam Winner
1/2/2019 Ilyus Evander No Slam
1/9/2019 Julian Randall No Slam
1/16/2019 George Abraham No Slam
1/23/2019 José Zepeda No Slam
1/30/2019 Joy Slam No Slam
2/6/2019 Wayne Henry (Canceled) Mugs Myers
2/13/2019 No Romance Open Mic: Lovers vs. Leavers No Slam
2/20/2019 Claudia Wilson No Slam
2/27/2018 Krysten Hill No Slam
3/6/2019 CUPSI Warm Up Wellesley, Emerson, Lesley, Smith , Northeastern
3/13/2019 torrin a. greathouse open speed slam: Josh Elbaum
3/20/2019 Devin Devine & Clementine Von Radics open speed slam: Arianna Lewis
3/27/2019 Justice Ameer open speed slam: Max Urena
4/3/2019 Team Prelims n/a
4/10/2019 Siaara Freeman Last Chance Slam: Ilyus Evander
4/17/2019 Brandon Melendez n/a
4/24/2019 Team Semis n/a
5/1/2019 Sara Mae Henke No Slam
5/8/2019 (Allison) Truj No Slam
5/15/2019 Team Finals n/a
5/22/2019 Shay Alexi No Slam
5/29/2019 Toni Bee No Slam
6/5/2019 Jasmine Reid No Slam
6/12/2019 4×4 slam Game Over Books, pizza pi press, Slam Free or Die
6/19/2019 James Merenda No Slam
6/25/2019 Ben Tolkin No Slam
7/3/2019 4×4 slam No Slam
7/10/2019 Diannely Antigua No Slam
7/17/2019 Camonghne Felix No Slam
7/24/2019 Melissa Lozada-Oliva No Slam
7/31/2019 Nkosi Nkululeko No Slam
8/7/2019 Terah Ehigiator open slam: Ilyus Evander
8/14/2019 Joshua Elbaum open slam: Max Evans
8/21/2019 Zeke Russell open slam: Lace Stenson
8/28/2019 Arianna Monet open slam cancelled
9/4/2019 Sam Rush No Slam
9/11/2019 4×4 slam Endopolis, Mill City, Cantab finalists minus Myles plus Yehya
9/18/2019 John Pinkham No Slam
9/25/2019 Marty McConnell No Slam
10/2/2019 Tim H. (Tim Pettus) No Slam
10/9/2019 Shira Erlichman No Slam
10/16/2019 GennaRose Nethercott No Slam
10/23/2019 Jess Rizkallah No Slam
10/30/2019 Halloween slam: vampires vs ghosts vs zombies vs werewolves No Slam
11/6/2019 Ashia Ajani No Slam
11/13/2019 José Olivarez No Slam
11/20/2019 Maya Phillips No Slam
11/27/2019 History of the Internet No Slam
12/4/2019 Raych Jackson April (March) Penn
12/11/2019 Evan J. Cutts Myles Taylor
12/18/2019 Cam Awkward-Rich & Franny Choi No Slam (double feature)
12/25/2019 No Show n/a
Date Feature Slam Winner
1/1/2020 Suzanne O’Toole David Donna
1/8/2020 Meaghan Ford George Abraham
1/15/2020 Kyle Lopez Nuff Said [naijeer watson]
1/22/2020 Devin Kelly Briana Crockett
1/29/2020 Porsha Olayiwola n/a
2/5/2020 Tatiana MR Johnson n/a
2/12/2020 Ariana Brown n/a
2/19/2020 Love vs Death Slam n/a
2/26/2020 RebeccaLynn Gualtieri n/a
3/4/2020 Susanna Kittredge Kieran Collier
3/11/2020 Adam Falkner Bobby Crawford
Extremely Online: Virtual Shows on Zoom
Date Feature
04/08/20 Allison Truj
04/15/20 Lyd Havens
04/22/20 Cassandra de Alba
04/29/20 Cassandra Myers
05/06/20 Maya Williams
05/13/20 Gabriel Ramirez
05/20/20 Jess Rizkallah
05/27/20 Adrienne Novy
06/03/20 Asia Bryant-Wilkerson
06/10/20 Workshop: Alternate Names with Myles Taylor
In Person Shows At The Cantab Lounge Resume Below
Date Feature Slam Winner
3/30/2022 No Feature, Open Mic Only No Slam
4/6/2022 Lip Manegio No Slam
4/13/2022 Open Poetry Slam  & Valerie Loveland Spotlight Feature
4/20/2022 Jeff Taylor & The Garage Poets No Slam
4/27/2022 Open Poetry Slam
5/4/2022 To Boldly Troll: Star Trek Themed Slam n/a
5/11/2022 RebeccaLynn Gualtieri No Slam
5/18/2022 Janae Johnson No Slam
5/25/2022 No Feature, Open Mic Only No Slam
6/1/2022 No Show Due To Covid 19 n/a
6/8/2022 Pride Slam n/a
6/15/2022 Stevie Subrizi No Slam
6/22/2022 Open Poetry Slam
6/29/2022 Katya Zinn No Slam
7/6/2022 Gay Pirates vs Staten Island Vampires Slam n/a
7/13/2022 Gia Kagan Trenchard No Slam
7/20/2022 Emily O’Neill No Slam
7/27/2022 Open Poetry Slam (Team Selection)
8/3/2022 Levi Cain No Slam
8/10/2022 Joey Gould No Slam
8/17/2022 Topaz Winters No Slam
8/24/2022 Open Poetry Slam (Team Selection)
8/31/2022 Allston Christmas Slam: Found Poems n/a
9/7/2022 March Penn’s DIY MFA No Slam
9/14/2022 In House Team Slam (Cantab, Lowell, Manchester, Local Pick Up Team) Cantab over Manchester over Lowell and Pick Up Team
9/21/2022 Miko Lionne No Slam
9/28/2022 Open Poetry Slam
10/5/2022 Sam Hunter Mercer No Slam
10/12/2022 Sam Cha No Slam
10/19/2022 Imani Davis No Slam
10/26/2022 Halloween Slam (Eddy’s House) n/a
11/2/2022 No Show Due To Covid 19 n/a
11/9/2022 Secret Ingredient Slam
11/16/2022 Ilyus Evander + early bird workshop No Slam
11/23/2022 Briana Crockett No Slam
11/30/2022 Open Poetry Slam
12/7/2022 Christopher Clauss No Slam
12/14/2022 Ari Lohr No Slam
12/21/2022 Playwright Night: Raechel Segal & Michael F. Gill No Slam
12/28/2022 The Best Of 2022 + Open Poetry Slam Kai Wallin
Date Feature Slam Winner
1/4/2023 John Paul Davis No Slam
1/11/2023 Joshua Bennett (Canceled, Open Poetry Slam was done instead) Logan Lopez
1/18/2023 20 Questions Slam PK Jade & Meredith (tie)
1/25/2023 Open Poetry Slam Haiku Slam: Aparna Over Siraj  Open Slam: Zeke Russell
2/1/2023 Mariama Savage No Slam
2/8/2023 Dominique “Mo” Durden No Slam
2/15/2023 Love Vs Death Slam / Dirty Haiku Slam Haiku Slam: Skylar Sweet Cheeks Over Lynette / Love over Death
2/22/2023 Chen Chen No Slam
3/01/2023 Open Poetry Slam Meaghan Ford
3/08/2023 Ricky Orng No Slam
3/15/2023 Jarvis Subia No Slam
3/22/2023 Catherine Weiss Haiku Slam: Logan Lopez Over Sue Savoy
3/29/2023 Open Poetry Slam Briana Crockett
4/05/2023 Karen Garrabrant No Slam
4/12/2023 Patrick Roche No Slam
4/19/2023 El Evelyn Haiku Slam: Lynnette Over March Penn
4/26/2023 2023 Team Selection Slam Aparna Paul, Logan Lopez, Arielle Gray, Kai Wallin, Skylar Sweet Cheeks
5/03/2023 Kristian Macaron No Slam
5/10/2023 Yehya Barakat Blackout Slam (No Scoring)
5/17/2023 Jeff McDaniel Jimmy Pavlick Over Caroline Belisle
5/24/2023 Open Speed Slam Aparna Paul
5/31/2023 Last Chance Team Slam Jarvis Subia, Sara H., Nayeli Mzin, Kaitie Dilán
6/07/2023 Hanif Abdurraqib No Slam
6/14/2023 Maya Williams No Slam
6/21/2023 Yena Sharma Purmasir Haiku Slam: Lou over Colin Killick
6/28/2023 Chaos Vs Order Slam Chaos and Order Tie / Amy Argentar wins favorite poem of the night