Amy Argentar

Amy Argentar at the 2023 Northbeast Regional Slam in the Cambridge Foundry
Amy Argentar performing at the 2023 Northbeast Regional Slam in the Cambridge Foundry. Photo by Eddie Martinez.

Amy Argentar (she/her) is the recap writer, newsletter writer, occasional social media-er, and self-identified Mrs. Dalloway of the Cantab Lounge. You can typically find her with a tequila soda in the second row of chairs, scribbling down in her notebook (is it something she heard? Is she editing her poem for the mic? Is she just writing the same word over and over again?). Originally from Chicago, she went to the Cantab on a whim after post-Covid reopening, thought “…yeah” and hasn’t looked back since. She is enthusiastic about deep dish, the local Chicago grocery store “Jewel,” music, hosting parties, talking about doing karaoke but rarely doing karaoke, and using sunglasses as a headband. She is relatively newer to the poetry scene, and you can catch some of her work on Instagram, @airplane_poems, where you can find poems about airplanes, crab rangoon, and probably at least one other thing.