Jimmy Pavlick

Jimmy PavlickJimmy Pavlick (any pronouns) is an alloy of bad wordplay and worse ideas sitting near Inman Square in Somerville. They practice martial arts, think a lot about comics, play multiple mobile phone games at the same time, and sometimes write and draw. They love Spinoza and being surprised by media. Their work has been published in the Vassar Student Review, and one online venue that, much to their chagrin, vanished from the internet. Their website is forthcoming.

Jimmy (also known as Jimmy!) first came to the Cantab in autumn 2019, was told by Myles to stay for the feature, and did. They haven’t left the building since. Jimmy now co-hosts for the open mic; their specialties are frequently lying about the audience to their faces and telling prophetic tales of the woes that befall those who stand on the fire lane stairs. You can find them on Wednesdays shouting in disbelief that there’s more than one Wednesday. Or, if not in the basement, waiting in the pizzeria upstairs for their chicken finger dinner to finish cooking.