Cantab Recap for Wednesday, April 24, 2019

What a close to National Poetry Month, Cantabbers! This past Wednesday, a dozen semi-finalists took the stage looking for fame, glory, and a time just under seven minutes in two rounds to get them each an invite to our upcoming Finals. After two poems each, we’re excited to announce that poets in bold will be invited to slam for a spot on the 2019 Boston Poetry Slam Team on May 15:

1. Terah Ehigiator 56.3
2. Myles Taylor 54.8
3. Arianna Monet 54.5
4. Kieran Collier 54.3
5. Zeke Russell 54.0
6. George Abraham 53.5
7. Joshua Elbaum 53.3
8. Meaghan Ford 53.1

9 (tie). Mugs Myers
9 (tie).Max Evans
11. Yehya Barakat
12. Dahlia Hill

What an incredible slam night! Our especial thanks to this amazing crew of poets, who brought style, substance, and slam honor upon our venue with a particularly excellent slam show. Big ups also to our sacrifice poets, Cali Stenson and James Merenda, as well as our judges: Abby, Brittany, Rob, Suzanne & April, Katie & Sean, and Kevin.

This week: April is over, but poetry marches on… May is a five-Wednesday month, and we’re kicking things off on May 1 with 2018 Boston Poetry Slam Team member and Game Over Books author Sara Mae. See you there!