The Cantabernacle

The Cantabernacle is the official newsletter/zine of the Boston Poetry Slam at The Cantab Lounge, featuring content by our community members. It is available for free/”pay what you want” at our Wednesday night show. PDF versions of each issue are also available below. The zine is currently compiled and edited by Michael F. Gill, with graphic design and layout by Kat Gunther. In 2024, we published Cantabulations, which is a list of show-related statistics, as well as a yearly recap of our events, features, and attendees.

Please send submissions of your work to Michael F. Gill for potential inclusion in future issues.

Submission Guidelines:
1) Your submission is not too long for our jam-packed two-page zine
2) You frequent our Wednesday night show

Digital Archive 

Cantabernacle Issue 1 – January 2023 
Cantabernacle Issue 2 – November 2023 (Printer-friendly version HERE)

Cantabulations 2023 – January 2024