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The Boston Poetry Slam @ the Cantab Lounge was represented in competition at every National Poetry Slam from 1991 to 2018. Full histories of the venue’s many illustrious teams are tales best spun over the Cantab bar, but a snapshot history is available here. The following poets have previously represented the venue:

2023: Northbeast Regional Team
Aparna Paul, Kai Wallin, Skylar Sweet Cheeks, Logan Lopez, Arielle Gray
Finalists, finished in 4th place

2022: Two Pick-Up Teams (One in-house team, One travelling team)
“Home” Team: Aparna Paul, Kat Anderson, Briana Crockett, Jarvis Subia
“Away” Team: Sam Bucci, Jimmy Pavlick, Eli Kane, Danny Riordan, Deirdre Mccarthy

2021: No team due to COVID-19 / Venue Closed

2020:  There was no 2020 NPS due to COVID-19, but here is a list of the poets who qualified for our team selection slam.

2019: Team Lush Language
Joshua Elbaum, Arianna Monet, Zeke Russell, Terah Ehigiator
no NPS: #1 in our hearts

2018 (Chicago, Ill.): Toucan…?…! a.k.a. Semi-Finalists For Life
Neiel Israel, John Pinkham, Meaghan Ford, (Allison) Truj, Sara Mae
semi-finalists; top 20 of 72 teams

2017 (Denver, Colo.): Loud & Tender
Zeke Russell, Neiel Israel, McKendy Fils-Aimé, Brandon Melendez, Myles Em Taylor
30th of 80 teams; 11th in Group Piece Finals overall

2016 (Decatur, Ga.): “It’s in Your Pocket, B”
Neiel Israel, Zeke Russell, Simone Beaubien, McKendy Fils-Aimé, Bobby Crawford
semi-finalists; top 20 of 72 teams

2015 (Oakland, Calif.):
McKendy Fils-Aimé, Marshall Gillson, Bobby Crawford, Sophia Holtz, Sean Patrick Mulroy
24th of 72 teams

2014 (Oakland, Calif.):
Janae Johnson, Omoizele Okoawo, Sean Patrick Mulroy, Meaghan Ford, Melissa Newman-Evans
semi-finalists; top 20 of 72 teams

2013 (Boston/Cambridge, Mass.):
Ed Wilkinson, Omoizele Okoawo, Jade Sylvan, Nora Meiners, Sean Patrick Mulroy
33rd of 75 teams

2012 (Charlotte, N.C.): God, But Not in a Happy Way
Kemi Alabi, Antonia Lassar, Omoziele Okoawo, McKendy Fils-Aimé, Melissa Newman-Evans
semi-finalists; top 20 of 72 teams

2011 (Boston/Cambridge, Mass.): Team Feelings
McKendy Fils-Aimé, Rachel McKibbens, April Ranger, Carrie Rudzinski, Maya Phillips

2010 (St. Paul, Minn.):
Simone Beaubien, Carrie Rudzinski, Omoizele Okoawo, April Ranger, Adam Stone
semi-finalists; top 20 of 72 teams

2009 (West Palm Beach, Fla.): The Dude Train
Maxwell Kessler, Sean Patrick Mulroy (Conlon), Omoizele Okoawo, Carlos Williams, Brian S. Ellis

2008 (Madison, Wis.):
Jamele “Harlym125” Adams, Simone Beaubien, Omoizele Okoawo, April Ranger, Brian S. Ellis
finalists; 4th place out of 72 teams

2007 (Austin, Tx.):
Simone Beaubien, Shira Erlichman, Brian S. Ellis, James Caroline
semi-finalists; top 20 out of 75 teams

2006 (Austin, Tx.): The Nappy Owls
Adam Stone, Jamele “Harlym125” Adams, Simone Beaubien, Dawn Gabriel, Brian S. Ellis

2005 (Albuquerque, N.M.):
Simone Beaubien, Eric Darby, Ryk McIntyre, Caroline Harvey, Dawn Gabriel

2004 (St. Louis, Mo.)
Eric Darby, Simone Beaubien, Samantha Jane Scolamiero, Ansel Appleton

2003 (Chicago, Ill.):
Indigo Moor, Nina Simon, Adam Stone, Star St. Germain

2002 (Minneapolis, Minn.):
Michael Brown, Marlon Carey, Alex Charalambides, Rachel Hyman

2001 (Seattle, Wash.):
Simone Beaubien, Craig Nelson, Tommy Mendez, Rachel Hyman

2000 (Providence, R.I.):
Iyeoka Okoawo, Omoizele Okoawo, Adam Stone, Kwesi Davis, (alt: Corrina Bain)

1999 (Chicago, Ill.):
Bryonn Bain, Sam Libby, Brian Comiskey, Michael Mack

1998 (Austin, Tx.):
Brian Comiskey, Jeff Paris, Gary Hicks, Michael McIntosh
Brian Comiskey finishes 3rd individually

1997 (Middletown, Conn.):
Brian Comiskey, Al Howe, Lisa King, Eve Stern

1996 (Portland, Oreg.):
Brian Comiskey, Lisa King, Jack McCarthy, Patricia Smith

1995 (Ann Arbor, Mich.):
Pat Berry, Michael Brown, Tom Slavin, Patricia Smith
finalists, 3rd place overall; Patricia Smith wins the Individual Championship

1994 (Asheville, N.C.):
Pat Berry, Brian Comiskey, Lelenja Giddens, Tom Slavin
finalists, 2nd place overall

1993 (San Francisco, Calif.): two Cantab teams this year
Boston team: Michael Brown, Craig Hickman, Lisa King, Patricia Smith
Team Champions out of 23 teams; Patricia Smith wins the Individual Championship; Craig Hickman places 3rd individually
Cambridge team: Richard Cambridge, Thomas Grimes, Randy Markey, Laura Schmidt
finalists, 3rd place out of 23 teams

1992 (Boston, Mass.):
Richard Cambridge, Ray McNiece, Danny Solis, Benson Wheeler
Team Champions out of 17 teams; Patricia Smith wins the Individual Championship representing Boston

1991 (Chicago, Ill.):
Ryk McIntyre, Tim Mason, Ray McNiece, Kerry Zagarella (alternates: Kate Rushin, Sakia Yasmine)
finalists, 4th place overall; Patricia Smith wins the Individual Championship; Michael Brown places 3rd individually