staff and credits

The Boston Poetry Slam’s weekly show has always been 100% volunteer-run and completely composed of poets, including the producers, organizers, hosts, doortenders, and other support staff. Even our past bartenders were poet-volunteers before becoming employees of the Cantab Lounge! The staff traditionally closes out the open mic every night.

All Boston Poetry Slam staff is available for booking, including our past staff (when local). Please browse the poets’ individual pages for additional biographical and contact information. For website credits, click here.

Current Staff:

Myles Taylor, Curator & Host
Michael F. Gill, Treasurer, Doortender, Website Maintenance
Kat Anderson, Social Media, Audio/Tech/Room Setup, Host
Amy Argentar, Social Media, Recap/Newlsetter Writer, Host
Briana Crockett, Host
Aparna Paul, Host
Nayeli Mzîn, Host
Zeke Russell, Host, Slam Team Coach
Jimmy Pavlick, Website Maintenance
Alex Kist, Development Coordinator
Jackie Barnes, Graphic Design