Briana Crockett

Briana CrockettBriana Crockett is a Boston native. She started writing in a second grade classroom, and never stopped. Her writing was nurtured by her readings and relationships. Briana’s pieces are inspired by everything under the sun she can observe and make sense of. Her work today has not only embraced various themes, it has infused into her words; becoming a home for the soul’s experience. In 2020 Briana released The Growing Place and later on released an ebook of quarantine poems When the World Stopped//We Were Still Beautiful. Since then she’s gone on to compete in poetry slams around Boston, and perform in many poetry shows. Now she’s a regular at the Cantab in Cambridge since it’s reopening. Keep up with her events and special features on her events page and social media ( Briana got stood up at the Cantab one night and continued to come back every week because it was still a place she found wisdom, acceptance, love, inspiration and friends. She’s also gone on to compete in a slam representing the Cantab in 2022. Now Briana is a regular host on Wednesday nights encouraging people to speak their truth, get a lil loose, and to let their true writer come through.