website credits

The Boston Poetry Slam website uses WordPress and an inexpertly hacked version of the Graphene Theme. Transition of the blog archives (dating back to 2004) from the original website,, is in progress. The site was originally created by Simone Beaubien, and is currently maintained by Michael F. Gill and Jimmy Pavlick. Blog posts were written by Simone Beaubien from 2004 up until 2022. Starting in 2023, open mic regular Amy Argentar writes the weekly show recaps, with fill-ins by Michael F. Gill. While we strive to keep the archives up to date, please note that the names of certain poets may have changed since the original blog post, and outgoing links from older posts (especially pre-2011) may be removed or no longer work.

All images on the site are credited and © (copyright) their respective artists. Many of the photographs of local poets and volunteers were generously provided by Marshall Goff and Richard Beaubien.

The site’s header image was designed by Melissa Newman-Evans from a photo by Marshall Goff. The Boston Poetry Slam logo was created by Gary Hoare, who also designed logos for many of the site’s theme slams, as noted.

For more information about this website, or about the Boston Poetry Slam, email