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featuring at the Cantab

When asked how to get a feature at the Cantab Lounge, founding SlamMaster Michael Brown would simply reply: “We ask you.”

Although this is still a fail-safe method, booking a feature at the Cantab is no longer by invitation only. Local or touring poets may apply BY EMAIL ONLY to one of the two booking curators:

Simone Beaubien: email, or
Cassandra de Alba: email

Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Send a short bio describing your concrete poetry accomplishments. Slam titles, publication credits, and residencies are all helpful information. Do not send unsolicited attachments.
  • If there is any chance that the curators are not familiar with your work, send DIRECT LINKS to one or more audio or video samples. Live recording is preferable, but high-quality is not necessary. No poet will be considered for a feature without a sample of out-loud performance or reading! Written samples will not be considered.
  • List some Wednesdays that you are available to feature. The show books 3-4 months in advance, and bookings can be especially competitive during the months of January, April, and October. You may wish to peruse the upcoming schedule or our Google Calendar to see if your desired date has already been booked.
  • Please remember that booking is a competitive, subjective process conducted by two cooperating individuals on behalf of a specific audience; the curators have day jobs, blind spots, and fewer than four dozen spots to fill per year. Poets not booked for a feature are encouraged to rock the open mic.

Other information you may find helpful:

  • The Boston Poetry Slam does not book music acts. If music figures more prominently than poetry in your work, or if you require some kind of accompaniment, please seek a feature at a different series.
  • Double features who are touring together are subject to the same restrictions (and benefits) as solo poets. For this reason, the show rarely books troupes of poets. Please do not ask to double-schedule with an already-booked feature.
  • In order to encourage a broad selection of features at the series, previously booked poets should expect to wait one to two years before being offered the stage again.
  • Compensation is based on attendance on the night of your show; features are also encouraged to vend product. Housing is available only with advance notice.
  • You may wish to extend your visit to a New England tour. Please see the NorthBEAST links in the sidebar to contact other local poetry slams.

For additional guidelines on booking a tour, you may download the SlamMaster’s printable guide on How to Be A Perfect Stranger: Ten Tips on Being the Best Touring Poet You Can Be.