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“Nothing beats the Cantab. I didn’t find the words for it till later. The Cantab is the one place I ever go back to that feels like coming home. It almost makes it worth moving so far away… Home of the best open mic in the English-speaking world, where I learned almost everything I think I know about poetry in performance.”Jack McCarthy, 2000 National Poetry Slam Individual Finalist, Seattle, Wash.

“I felt a sincere awe of the poems on the open mic.” —Amber Tamblyn, actress (Joan of Arcadia, House) and co-founder of the Write Now Poetry Society, New York City, N.Y.

“At the Cantab, I got to hear hear hear so many amazing poets. I got to try work on a stage for hungry hungry ears. There is a sense of matched seriousness and play at the Cantab that is distinct. There are so many incredible voices. And the bartender is a poet. Cantab is home. I walk down those staircases and I feel like I’m going to the prom of my dreams.”Shira Erlichman, poet-musician (interview with Jon Sands / LouderARTS), Northampton, Mass.

“What the f#ck are you putting in the water? This is by far (I mean by far) the best open mic I have ever seen.” —J.W. Basilo, National and Individual World Poetry Slam Finalist, Chicago, Ill.

“Heard the best open mic in the country last night at the Boston Cantab. Should be illegal how good those poets are.” Rob “Ratpack Slim” Sturma, co-director, Oklahoma Young Writers Collective, Oklahoma City, Okla.

“It was my absolute honor to be invited to headline a show at the famous Cantab Lounge. Aside from being one of the most well known poetry venues in the country, the host of the 2011 National Poetry Slam, and the site of much poetry legend, its also produces some of the most exciting new work in the nation. Run by the inimitable Simone Beaubien, The Cantab has continually housed some of the best contemporary writers and listeners within its exposed brick walls.” —Phil Kaye, Project VOICE co-director

“The most gratifying experience in all slam-dom has been watching the Cantab audience grow into the most discerning, engaged and receptive audience in the country.”Patricia Smith, Boston Poetry Slam co-founder, four-time individual National Poetry Slam Champion, New York City, N.Y.