Cantab Recap for Wednesday, January 24, 2018

And so it begins… The first night of our 2018 Team Selection Slams is in the books, with another prelim heat to go before we finalize our roster for semi-finals. This week’s field was strong and getting stronger, with rookies coming out of the woodwork and local veterans digging deep with new work. Check the standings after two rounds:

1. Brandon Melendez 55.4
2. George Abraham 55.0
3. Kieran Collier 54.6
4. Allison Truj 54.3
5. Meaghan Ford 53.9
6. Evan Cutts 53.1

7. Lip McDonald
8. Jackie Perry
9. Suzanne O’Toole
10. Cassandra de Alba
DNS: Kye Jasper

The top six poets (in bold) are invited to advance to Semi-Finals on February 21. Especial thanks go to to our two sacrificial poets, Mugs Myers and Mckendy Fils-Aimé, and a great compliment of hard-working judges: Mackenzie, Jonathan, Whitney, Becca, and Ashakie!

Next week: we come right backatcha with ten more poets fighting for spots in semis. A $5 cover will get you a two-round show with Anna Binkovitz, Colin Killick, John Pinkham, José Zepeda, Lyra de Castro, Myles Taylor, Neiel Israel, RebeccaLynn, Sara Mae, and Last Chance Slam Winner Lindsey Michelle! HOLY COW WHAT A SHOW: pack up your listening hat, your judgingest friends, and a little extra cash for the bar. See you there!