Cantab Recap for Wednesday, November 6, 2013

University of Hell in the house! This past Wednesday, we were proud to welcome National Poetry Slam finalist and outgoing Portland, Oregon SlamMaster Eirean Bradley. A local favorite at this year’s National Poetry Slam, Eirean drew out some of our favorite open mic poets for a really grand night of solid writing, including a spotlight from his pressmate, Leah Noble Davidson. Eirean himself was powerful, polished, touching and sassy; if you missed a chance to buy books from either of them, you can check out the i in team and Poetic Scientifica here.

After the feature, we entered a wild poetry slam, packed with talent! Sure, maybe it’s writing season– or maybe it’s because we’re down to the last eight slams to qualify for 2014 team tryouts. Either way, these poets were serious; the final round came down to a match between open-mic-regular Marisa Glynn, who put up a remarkable and strong showing for her first time slamming, and… Excuse us, but was next week’s feature in the 8-spot? It was! Janae Johnson took the win and the ten dollars.

Next week: if you missed the fun surprise of last week’s slam, you can still catch the winner for a full set. California transplant, Lizard Lounge franchise player, and seriously, folks, kind of a jock; the incomparable Janae Johnson will be our feature this week, plus another open poetry slam.