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Cantab Recap For Wednesday, October 18th, 2023

It was another packed house at the Boston Poetry Slam this week, eager to see the feature from one of our favorite local poets, Krysten Hill! There were a lot of highlights on the open mic, which started with a theme of infinity (Chris Rye actually finished their “infinite poem”, March Penn combined infinity, Derrida, …

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Cantab Recap For Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023

Hi everyone!

A wonderful Wednesday was had, once again. Highlights of our very full open mic list included Hallie performing a cover of “What I Mean When I Say Truck Driver” by Geffrey Davis, a heartfelt piece from Kai, Amaliena returning with a short but very sweet poem, and Jade performing a work that takes …

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Cantab Recap For Wednesday, July 26th, 2023

Happy Wednesday! This week not only had an amazing turnout, but showcased some amazing and unique work! The energy in the  room was also incredibly supportive – so shoutout to our audience, whether you read or just listened! Nilya talked about quiet quitting, Logan showed us the importance of Club Penguin, and Sue Savoy helped close …

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Cantab Recap For Wednesday, July 12th, 2023

Happy Wednesday! We say this often, but last week was truly full of some crazy talent on the open mic. Across all the first-timers and veterans, people really brought their A-game, and it was great to see. Highlights: SaiDee was, according to them, very much “on their bullshit,” Sramana is grateful she didn’t love California, …

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Cantab Recap For Wednesday, May 24th, 2023

Happy Cantab Wednesday! 

Last week contained more than the usual display of talent, as we also had a Spontaneous Speed Slam™️! On a rainy Wednesday evening, we had many-a-newcomer join us for the open mic, including first-timer Jack with a ~memorized~ piece, and new regular Amy See with some striking eco-poetry. The rest of the …

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Cantab Recap For Wednesday, April 19th, 2023

It was another heated Wednesday night at the Cantab, as the room, open mic, and waitlist were packed to the brim before the show even began! Once things got going, there was a great serendipitous moment when Eli Kane read a poem about naming their OCD “Frank”, and the next reader happened to be open …

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