Cantab Recap For Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023

Hi everyone!

A wonderful Wednesday was had, once again. Highlights of our very full open mic list included Hallie performing a cover of “What I Mean When I Say Truck Driver” by Geffrey Davis, a heartfelt piece from Kai, Amaliena returning with a short but very sweet poem, and Jade performing a work that takes a very new perspective on the monster Grendel.

This week’s ✏️ Line of the Wednesday✏️ belongs to Alex Kist, with “But that even if my body is my house / I don’t have to be home all the time.”

This week’s 🎶Shenanigans🎸were in the larger than normal amount of music themed performances. Eddy Martinez gave us a powerful, emotional cover of Saint James Infirmary Blues, Logan went into detail on Hot Chelle Rae’s impact on his life, and M-Zilla informed us all of the infamous, fictional life of music artist Weasel Montgomery Jones. 

The feature this week was Billy Tuggle, longtime slam veteran currently on tour for his next book, “A Tree Falls in the Hood” coming this winter. Billy graciously told us some stories from his times slamming and his memories from the Cantab. His poems were passionate pieces on hip-hop, street art, and growing up on the south side of Chicago. A transportive performer and poet, I could feel the impact of his work in the room after every piece. Really puts the “awe” in “audience” ;) Thank you Billy!

Coming up, all the way from New Jersey, we have Damian Rucci! Damian is a touring poet and the author of nine books of poetry. He is the founder of the NJ Poetry Renaissance and focus of the PBS documentary Voices in The Garden. A twice resident of the Osage Arts Community in Missouri, Damian has spent the last ten years bouncing around the country performing in universities, bookstores, dive bars, basements, and tattoo parlors. He is the host of ten poetry series including Puff Puff Poems and Poems & Punchlines. 

See you Wednesday!

– Amy ✈️

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