Cantab Recap for Wednesday, May 15, 2019

We did it, Cantab: eight poets hit the stage last night in the hope of achieving the first-ever 2019 Boston Poetry Slam Team, went three rounds against one another with utmost joy and professionalism, and, at last, when the dust cleared the results were in:

1. Joshua Elbaum 83.8
2. Arianna Monet 82.3
3. (tie) Terah Ehigiator 82.2
3. (tie) Zeke Russell 82.2

5. Kieran Collier
6. Myles Taylor
7. George Abraham
8. Meaghan Ford

The four top-scoring poets in bold are invited to represent the venue as the 2019 Boston Poetry Slam Team! An enormous bouquet of gratitude to each and every one of the slammers tonight: expectations are always high for team finals, and the range, craft, tenderness, and power of the work this year spoke so exceptionally to the community we aim to foster.

Thanks also to our glorious sacrifice poets, Yehya Barakat and Lip Manegio, and all-star scorekeeper Jamei Bauer. Lastly, let us not forget our important judges who sat tight (and kept the scores tight) for 100 minutes of poetry: Brandon Melendez, Roswell Seamark, Emily O, Kara, and Srimana and Namratha. Thank you to everyone for making this show possible and beautiful.

Next week: poetry rolls on! For those who missed out on the open mic this week, we have a regular-sized sign-up list coming for March 22, as well as southern-based poet and performer Shay Alexi on tour with their new book, Diary of a Ghost Girl. See you there!