Cantab Recap for Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dang, but it’s been a wild two weeks at the Cantab! Just a couple of Wednesdays ago, we had the very excellent Joshua Bennett swing through and bring us an exceptionally fine set. Josh is in town for a few lucky semesters, so watch for his readings at MIT (and book him while you can!). And, actually, while you’re booking one new New Englander, you might as well think about a second: last night, we welcomed two-time Denver poet Eirean Bradley back to the Cantab stage for a paper-flinging, arm-waving, solid poem-poeming good time. Eirean is a new resident of Worcester, so you can hang with him in Wormtown while you’re checking out submissions to his press or literary magazine. What a winter it’s going to be around here!

Speaking of winter: the dead of winter is when we conduct our Team Selection Slams, and there are just a few more opportunities to qualify for those left. The most recent two were snapped up by first-time Cantab slam winner Quentin Lucas, who defeated rival venue favorite Melissa Lozada-Oliva for the spot… Then, last night, Cantab vets Meaghan Ford and Zeke Russell faced off for the ten-dollar prize, with Zeke taking top honors. A veritable murderer’s row awaits in January, slam fans!

Oh, oh, but next week: it’ll be a packed house as collegiate returnees and vacationing educators roll into the venue (and up to the bar) in droves. Expect to see some faces you’ve missed on the open mic, plus, of course, a much-awaited feature from local poet, host, and French-leaning thinker Chloé Cunha.