Cantab Recap for Wednesday, July 17

The National Poetry Slam is creeping even closer, folks, and that means we’re bustin’ out slam all over. This past Wednesday, we hosted a NorthBEAST 4×4 that welcomed the Worcester Poets’ Asylum, Port Veritas, the Providence Poetry Slam, and the Lizard Lounge teams to our dingy little basement.

If you’re looking for a scouting report, here it is: Providence and Port Veritas battled for the best-poetry title in a vicious battle that was decided by less than a point. Providence gets the fourth-place title, but Port Veritas can claim the honor of bringing the only group piece to this otherwise solo-heavy bout. Meanwhile, Worcester and the Lizard Lounge were fighting for the top score in the match. Despite strong showings in the later rounds by Worcester, no one could catch the high bar the Lizard set in the first round, so our sister slam takes the win with a big ol’ 106.9. Congrats to everyone!

This coming Wednesday, we get a brief competition breather with a feature from Steve Subrizi, local poet, musician, and intern, who’ll be leaving us to tour in a few short months. But wait, there’s more: Steve’s feature will be capped by the Champion of Champions Slam, where reigning champ Tom Slavin takes on the survivor when we pit the the last eight slam winners against each other. There’s money AND bragging rights riding on this one, folks: you should plan for a sweet night where you chill with Steve, then heckle the heck outta this high-stakes slam.