Radio Recap for Monday, August 13

Sometimes the show must go on… Even when a pipe bursts in the bar where you have your show. Robbie Q Telfer and Marlon Carey were gracious enough to bring their words to a little backyard house show last night instead of Radio, and it was a great success! If you missed it, don’t worry: you can check out Robbie’s work at the Word By Word Festival this week in Pittsfield, Mass., or check out Providence artist Inphynit’s End of the World Mixtape sampler online.

Next week: Chicago poet and editor Stevie Edwards and local-gone-national comedian Joe Wong! Stevie will lead a 7:00 poetry workshop to start the show, followed by a comedy/poetry open mic at 8:00 and the double-feature at 9:00. Heads-up: we are downstairs for the show this week, so you can head straight down the front stairs when you arrive (and feel free to sneak back up the rear stairs when you want a drink).