Radio Recap for Monday, July 16

So maybe we’ve said “all-star line-up” before in some context here, but it’s just possible that all those previous iterations pale in comparison to last night’s Radio pairing. Regie Gibson and Fey Rey & Freedom Sound lit up the stage last night with two incredibly solid, incredibly different sets. Regie wowed the crowd with his soaring delivery, tight use of exciting language and rhyme, and some highly irreverent reverence; from his dedication to John Donne to his “Slick Willie Williams” character, the audience was dazzled and entertained. Our musical guests followed up with (revelation!) their first stage showing together– this Points North/Woodrow Wilsons project combo brought us sweet and earthy harmonies overlaid with some low-key string work, making for a great end to the evening.

Next week, we’re back with… Oh-oh, another all-star line-up! It’ll be Caroline Harvey and Gracious Calamity in a show full of talented and powerful women. Come at 7:00 to catch the workshop with Caroline, or jump into the 8:00 open mic before the 9:00 double-feature! As always: Radio at 379 Somerville Ave. in Union Square, 21+, $5. See you there!