Cantab Recap for Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Last week, our feature made our faces hurt from smiling… This week, Stephen Meads left our bellies sore with laughing and hungry for more! The Bay-Area-gone-Portland sensation rocked the house, and you can expect him to do the same at the Manchester slam this Thursday and at Worcester’s Dirty Gerund on Monday. The last 8×8 slam in the series came down to Sophia Holtz, who’d just survived a first-round tie, and an on-fire Matthew Richards. Matthew took the finals in an exceptionally great round of an all-around excellent slam.

Next week: extraordinary writer and performer Jamaal “Versiz” May takes the stage in the feature slot. A Champion of Champions slam will follow: the last eight slam winners will fight for the chance to face off against reigning champ Simone Beaubien in a one-round, brand-new-poem, winner-take-all slam-off.