Cantab Recap For Wednesday, May 31th, 2023

Happy Cantab Wednesday once again! Last week was once again a spectacular, high-energy night, with the fullest of full open mic and the fullest of full hearts. The energy in the basement was already high after a fantastic workshop from the great Alex Kist that challenged the way we think about vocabulary. During our open mic, we had not one but two horse-related poems, where we learned (or relearned) from Eddy why a horse walked into a bar, and why the heck there was horse meat in Connor’s cake batter. 

After the open, we of course had our Last Chance Team Selection Slam! 10 poets competed for four spots to be on our Last Chance Team for the Northbeast Regional (happening in a couple of short weeks)! After a tense, terrific, two-round, total-points-wins-all slam, we had four slammers emerge victorious. They are:

  • Jarvis Subia
  • Sara H.
  • Nayeli 
  • Kaitie Dilán

Thank you to all the slammers for sharing your work, and thank you to our wonderful volunteer judges – it was beautiful and exciting as always.

This week would not be complete without some 🎤Shenanigans☘️ and who better to shenan than regular M. Zilla, who used their open mic time for a game of “Finish the Limerick” (a la “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me“). The “contestant” this week was Jimmy, who was told the majority of a Limerick by M. Zilla, and had to guess the ending word. I feel obligated to list the final endings as: Taylor Swift, Edible, and Vibrator.. Thanks for keeping us on our toes, M. Zilla!

This week’s ✏️ Line of the Wednesday ✏️ is from lovely regular and last week’s slam participant, Sam Bucci: “Women come from the rib of Adam, yet men spend their lives begging to get back into the womb”

Coming up, we have the incredible, influential, and impactful poet Hanif Abdurraqib! Hanif Abdurraqib is a writer from the east side of Columbus, Ohio. Get here early, it is sure to be a full house!

See you then,

– Amy ✈️

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