Category: early-bird workshops

Workshop for Wednesday, April 24: “Stranger Than Fiction” with Marty McConnell

Marty McConnell, workshop leader for April 24. Photo by Lux Camena.

Marty McConnell ran a wildly popular workshop at the Cantab back in 2010… If you’re still kicking yourself to have missed it, then this is your latest chance to generate new work under Marty’s direction.

Workshop for Wednesday, April 17: “Getting Ink” with Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz

Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz, April 17's workshop leader.

Tonight’s featured poet, NEA Fellow Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz, presents a workshop on getting published: from research to cover letters to selecting poems!

Workshop for Wednesday, April 10: “Your Heartbeat Has Been Telling You For Years” with Artie Moffa

Artie Moffa, workshop leader.

The evening’s featured poet, the Cantab’s one-time doorman and self-appointed slam conscience, Artie Moffa, presents a workshop on iambic pentameter before the show.

Workshop for Wednesday, April 3: “The Art of Funny-Sad” with Jade Sylvan

Jade Sylvan, workshop leader for April 3, 2013.

Special guest host Jade Sylvan presents a generative writing workshop on the fine line between funny and sad.

Workshop for January 2, 2013: “Carving Out the Poem” with Jon Sands

Jon Sands, early-bird workshop leader for "Carving Out the Poem."

Jon Sands, Cantab feature for the evening, leads a workshop before the show: Carving Out the Poem: You, Your Poems, and the 3-Dimensional World.

Workshop for May 2, 2012 with Emily Rose

Emily Rose, workshop leader from Chicago.

Featured poet Emily Rose will lead a generative writing workshop. Doors open at 5:30 for a 6:00-7:00 workshop. Cover charge is $5, which includes admission to the evening show.

Workshop for April 11, 2012: “Mirror, not Movie Screen” with Karrie Waarala

Karrie Waarala, Stonecoast MFA and long-time performance poet.

Stonecoast MFA poet Karrie Waarala leads an early-bird workshop before Anis Mojgani’s Cantab show.

Workshop for January 11, 2012: “The Terrible Discovery and the Mechanics of Time” with Scott Beal

Workshop: The Terrible Discovery and the Mechanics of Time

Michigan MFA poet Scott Beal leads an early-bird workshop before featuring at the regular Cantab show.