Cantab Recap for Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Pretty sweet, Cantabbers: if you made it out to catch Sara Brickman’s workshop last night, you got almost ninety minutes of fresh ideas and two new poems to show for it! Sara was kind enough to let us share one of the workshop’s two-part prompts as a Tip from the Bar, but if you’re still lamenting that you missed the workshop, put our Lyd Havens event on July 11 on your calendar right now.

Sara Brickman, by the way, rocked our mic as beautifully as expected last night, from finals-stage-level performance to MFA-polished craft and, of course, the sweetsweet combination of the two we are always seeking. Our slam worked out to be a glorious pride-month showdown, with Myles Taylor taking top honors over Lip McDonald in the final round.

Next week: we welcome one-time Cantab co-host and Lambda fellow Sean Patrick Mulroy. And for those gunning for early qualification for the 2019 slam team? Yep, we’ve got an open 8×8 just for you.