Cantab Recap for Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Slammers and listeners! Another speed slam season is in the books, and it’s been actually, totally rad. Last night was the culmination of our winter of fast-talking short-poem slams, the battle royale from which only eight poets may emerge! Twelve of our eighteen qualified poets showed out with their two- and one-minute poems for the crowd, and when the whirlwind had passed, the standings were as follows:

1. Brandon Melendez 53.4
2. Sara Mae 52.8
3. Allison Truj 52.7
4. Em Taylor 51.9
5[tie]. Meaghan Ford 51.4
5[tie]. RebeccaLynn 51.4
7. Kieran Collier 51.2
8. Austin Hendricks 50.6

9. Alex McDonald
10. Ron Prudent
11. Zeke Russell
12. John Pinkham
Poets in bold will be invited to advance to the four-round Final on May 24.

Extra thanks to judges Amari & Zoe, Jeffrey, Nick, Sarra & Shivam, Mark, and Rachel for listening up to the twenty-six rapid-fire poems of the night, and to our excellent sacrifices, Kai Bobbi and Adam Stone.

Next week: we’re back to our regularly scheduled open mic and feature. This week’s headliner will be Cecily Schuler, Union Square Slam co-curator and Pratt Institute MFA candidate. Our open poetry slam will be a standard all-three-minute affair, and will be the first chance to qualify to try out for the 2018 Boston Poetry Slam Team. Yowza!