Cantab Recap for Wednesday, April 12, 2017

National Poetry Month rolls on, and what better poet to hear a full set from than the month’s very namesake? Last night, a small and mighty crowd braved the malfunctioning subway to roll into the venue just in time for a riveting feature from April Penn. The weekly venue mainstay showed off just some of the five-to-six poems she writes per week and doesn’t get to read on the open mic, taking us on a sometimes-sweet, sometimes-sexy body-conscious journey to awaken us for spring. If the city’s public transportation woes kept you from seeing the set, don’t forget to ask April about a copy of her new chapbook, Dissolution.

The final slam in the 8×8 speed series was a real doozy, welcoming a full roster of eight gung-ho poets to the mic. After ties, upsets, and at least one pleasing dose of good old-fashioned heckling, the final two poets standing were Ron and Baudelaire. Ultimately, Ron’s stand-and-deliver narrative defeated Baudelaire’s mic-free untimed delivery, with a grand time had by all. Special thanks go to three volunteer judges last night, all of whom were consistent, fast, enthusiastic, and brand-new at the job: Grace, Sydney, and VJ.

Next week: poetry month marches on, now with a Champion of Champions slam! Kylie Noelle will be back from CUPSI to defend the championship title against the last eight 8×8 winners. Oh, and you may have heard that we are at last featuring Pizza Pi Press author and Northeastern coach JR Mahung. Get your bicycle, skateboard, and whirligigs in order in time to get a seat for this show!