Cantab Recap for Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Cantabbers, was it only just this past Wednesday night when we frolicked freely on the sidewalks, unfettered by winter whiteness or a million overripe snowflake metaphors? Yea, it was: the gold old days, a surprisingly! non-problematic! Erotic Poetry Night! (thank you, brilliant open mic poets!) when Chloé Cunha tickled your fancy with the exact magic number of sex haiku, and– get this– for the first time in Cantab history, LOVE defeated DEATH in the head-to-head theme slam! Congratulations to John “Captain Love” Pinkham who led his team to victory, and brace yourselves for the shaken fist of Cassandra “Captain Death” de Alba, who will rise to battle again, just you wait.

Next week: please remind your friends that it is NOT exclusive sexytimes open mic on February 15. Instead, we will enjoy a feature from the season’s most-requested poet: Safia Elhillo will be in the house, and you can bet every seat will be taken, so get your butt in one early! Late arrivers will still get to enjoy the eleven o’clock poetry slam, the third in our speed slam series with 3-, 2-, and 1-minute rounds.