Cantab Recap for Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Glory, glory: big ups to all our poets who hung around town this week to gather for our first-ever High School Reunion slam. Sixteen poets (plus two stellar sacrifices) showed out for a half-hilarious, half-heartbreaking, all-awkward show full of the stories of adolescent dance regrets, forgettable fashion choices, unforgettable first loves, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, and every kind of sex or lack thereof. It was almost enough to make a few of us miss high school… ALMOST.

Special thanks to our much-missed guest host Emily Carroll, and our hardy judges who were opaque in their motivations but consistent in their enumerations: despite strong individual showings from all four teams, the Freshmen (Millenials!!1!11!!) stayed solid through four rounds to take first place over the Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors– yup, in that order. Sure, maybe it’s youth, maybe it’s competitive fire, but mostly we just think it’s a grand up-and-coming all-star team; congratulations to Emily Taylor, RebeccaLynn, Evan Cutts, and John Pinkham for taking top honors.

Next week: it’s a rare fifth Wednesday of the month, and we’ve got a rare feature for you to match… NYC poet and Callaloo fellow Gabriel Ramirez will be in town. You’ll also have a chance to try your hand in the open slam (one of only five remaining to qualify for the 2017 Boston Poetry Slam team). We’re also pleased to announce that Moonlighting will continue with our monthly December show, hosted in our new space in Brighton and featuring Emmanuel Oppong-Yeboah!