Cantab Recap for Wednesday, March 2, 2016

It was a cozy poetry night hidden from the wind in the Cantab yesterday, where feature Janaka Stucky arrived complete with polish, drama, and a wry and loving self-awareness that no Boston Poetry Slam feature should be without. As you know, Janaka took no payment for this feature, instead choosing to donate his honorarium to Black Lives Matter Boston; you can learn more about how to support the artist at

After Janaka’s feature, the seven-poet slam breathed an air of irreverence back into the room, as some very funny work (and a few gentle heckles) hit the stage. The top spot was a tug-of-war between newly minted BPS team finalist Bobby Crawford and Women-of-the-World-Poetry-Slam-bound Jess Rizkallah: on a vector for the big slam in NYC next week, Jess took the win in the one-minute round and earned herself the ten-dollar prize.

Next week: wait, what is this? Is Raven McGill really going to make a stop to feature for us on her return visit to New Hampshire from sunny Oakland? You betcha! (No worries, we’ll be rescheduling Timothy DuWhite for later in the year.) Come see this Manchester poet you might have missed on her first return visit home from the Bay.