Cantab Recap for Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy end of November, poets! We closed out the eleventh month with a rockin’ night at the show, including a bright and brilliant feature from local favorite Chloé Cunha. Chloé took us on a journey of form, idea, and sneezing –but don’t worry, she won’t stop there. You can surely expect her to be back up on the slam stage next week!

Oh, and the slam, of course: workhorse host Tom Slavin got a little assist from guest mathematician Sean Patrick Mulroy as the judges whittled down a packed roster to just two finalists. Emily O’Neill, reading from her new manuscript, took on Cecily Schuler, slam organizer from NYC: strong showings from both brought Cecily the win for their first visit to the Cantab slam stage! That ten-dollar prize should be good for half a cup of coffee once she gets home.

Next week: we’re back with another local, bringing greatest hits, new work, and unreleased B-sides to the stage. Get ready to welcome 2015 Boston Poetry Slam Team member Marshall Gillson! We’ll also throw open the gates on the sixth slam in the 8×8 series.