Cantab Recap for Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Heat One of our Preliminary Team Selection Slams has ended! Ranks are as follows:

  1. Bobby Crawford 53.4
  2. Mckendy Fils-Aimé 53.1
  3. Marshall Gillson 52.9
  4. Ellyn Touchette 52.6
  5. Meaghan Ford 52.3
  6. Sophia Holtz 51.5
  7. Nathan Comstock
  8. Austin Hendricks

Poets in bold are invited to advance to Semi-Finals on February 18. Congratulations to everyone, and special thanks to our sacrifices, Janae Johnson and Adam Stone, and our five intrepid judges: Andrew, Josh, J.R., Alyssa, and Liana!

Next week: just like this week, but with NINE poets fighting for spots in Semi-Finals! Come see Jake Villarreal, Zeke Russell, John Mortara, Emily Eastman, Mike Leon, Nora Meiners, Sean Patrick Mulroy, Ed Wilkinson, and Colin Killick in Heat Two of the Team Selection Preliminaries. It all goes down next Wednesday with our usual 8:00 open mic, an early 9:30 slam, and a $5 cover for two all-star rounds of competition. See you there!