Cantab Recap for Wednesday, November 19, 2014

If you are human, poet, it is just possible that the fall and winter holidays fill you with a hint, just the tiniest whisper, of familial stress. Fear not! Family time also means that Cantab family returns home: for this season, we were so pleased to welcome back Carrie Rudzinski, one-time Emerson poet and now full-time performing artist and resident of Los Angeles, California. True to form, Carrie has been producing (and polishing) new work at a blistering pace, and she brought us a wonderful window into what she’s been up to since her last Boston Poetry Slam visit. She’s on an incredibly intense east coast tour right now, so check your local listings to see if she’s coming by the neighborhood where you’ll be in the next couple of weeks.

After Carrie’s feature, of course, we held our eponymous slam: a few travelers from the frozen north worked their way down to visit us, including Zanne Langlois, who took on Berklee’s Will Lynch (who also traveled all the way across the Charles) in the final round. Zanne took top honors and the ten bucks, and will return to slam with us again in January!

Next week: WE HAVE HAD A SCHEDULE CHANGE. We will be rescheduling the lovely, talented, and only temporarily-canceled Angel Nafis. Filling in for Angel will be a guy we’ve been trying to get a date with for at least a year: Denver’s champion of all things, Ken Arkind! Ken occasionally swings by for a one-poem blow-your-mind-spotlight on the open mic, so you won’t want to miss his full feature next week. See you there!