Cantab Recap for Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What a sweet Wednesday at the Cantab, folks: we kicked off with a wicked good open mic with a ton of first-timers! Hope we get to see these folks again… But we have a feeling they’ll be back after the dynamite feature from Jeanann Verlee; Jeanann took us on a no-introductions, no-apologies tour of boundary-setting, bitterness and beauty, all backed by three lovely books. If you missed your chance to grab a copy of Racing Hummingbirds tonight, you can visit her at the Urbana Slam in NYC, or get your copy straight from Write Bloody Publishing here.

We also got to witness a pretty sweet reunion in the venue as well: official BPS photographers Rich Beaubien and Marshall Goff were both on hand to capture some photos of this top-notch performer. We’ll post a little gallery below, but you can also visit Marshall’s photography Facebook page or Rich’s official site (due for relaunch soon!) to see more of these artists’ work.

Next week, by the way, our feature will be Zeke Russell, who celebrated his long-overdue booking by defeating Kieran Collier in the final round of the slam last night! Zeke’s one of our favorite poets and a devoted organizer to boot; we hope you’ll join us for a full feature from this talented and hard-working artist.