Cantab Recap for Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Before you ask, folks… Yes, tonight’s Moonlighting show is on, but our venue has changed! Please see the info at the bottom of this post for more details.

Happy New Year, Boston Poetry Slam fans! Thanks so much to everyone who came out to celebrate with us and Stevie Edwards, a truly lovely performer, poet, editor, and educator from Cornell. Stevie helped us purge our old demons and gird ourselves for whatever 2014 has to offer.

Our slammers that night had a similar idea, many of them traveling many miles to be with us for the show! At the end of the night, though, it was two locals left standing: a valiant and poignant effort from Emily Carroll, however, was not enough to defeat a locked-on Oz for the final spot in next week’s Champion of Champions slam.

Next week: that’s right, Tom Slavin will be defending his title against the last eight slam winners! And and AND, as though that were not enough, professional badass and pull-no-punches real-talker Casey Rocheateau will be our featured poet. Excellent!

Of course, if you are craving more poetry just this minute, there’s always our Moonlighting show with Corrina Bain tonight! We did hear about that little snowstorm thingy, but Corrina was already on the way here, so we’re thrilled to host this poet at a NEW, CHANGED, AND PRIVATE VENUE in the JP/Dorchester area. For directions, please see the link above, or check out our Facebook event. Stay warm, poets!