Cantab Recap for Wednesday, March 20

It might be blizzarding too hard to get out of Logan this week, but we booked sweet sweet California to come to us. Last Wednesday, Sam Sax heated up the room with some just-right sexy work, showing off his writing chops to a rambunctious crowd that included a great bunch of first-time readers. The speed slam filled up fast and zipped by at a blistering pace, leaving six poets in its wake. The final round came down to newcomer Sam Rush and old-timer Tom Slavin: Tom walked away with the ten-dollar prize, but not before joining in to give Sam the biggest round of applause of the competition. Awesome!

Next week: we’re keeping it West Coast with Cam Awkward-Rich, the second half of the Gay Pride Poetry Tour– he shares a book with Sam, so if you bought it and loved it, you’ll want to come out to see him perform, too. We’ll finish off the night with the sixth slam of this 8×8. Come early if you want a spot!