Cantab Recap for Wednesday, January 9

Boston Poetry Slam fans! If you weren’t at the Team Selection Preliminaries back on January 9, you might have missed some results. Likewise, if you were there, you might be wanting the updated information. Lo, for you, we come through with both! After two rounds of 21 poets (yowza!), here are the rankings from the show:

1. Ed Wilkinson 50.9
2. Adam Stone 50.8
3. Sean Patrick Mulroy 50.3
4. Danger Ranger 50.0
5. Melissa Newman-Evans 49.9
6. Kayla Wheeler 49.2
7. (tie) Meaghan Ford 49.1
7. (tie) Mckendy Fils-Aimé 49.1
7. (tie) Nora Meiners 49.1
10. Zanne Langlois 49
11. Marshall Gillson 48.6 (dropped from semis)
12. Sam Teitel 48.4
13. (tie) Jade Sylvan 48.2.
13. (tie) Omoizele Okoawo 48.2
15. Brenna Kleiman
16. Michael Monroe
17. Bobby Crawford
18. Sophia Holtz
19. Zeke Russell
20. Nathan Comstock
21. Eddy Martinez
DNS: Simone Beaubien, Christian Drake, Anna Gallagher
Fabulously correct and rapid scorekeeping by Jamei Bauer.

Poets marked in bold advance to Team Selection Semi-Finals. Note that since Marshall Gillson has dropped from semi-finals (boo, job commitments!) all poets tied for the final spot in semis will advance (yay, more poets!).

Special thanks go to our hard-working judges from this marathon slam! We are grateful for the consistency and staying power of Chloé, Annie, Dave, and Laura. Jill and Yasmin graciously timed their necessary departure between rounds, so we also thank both them and Patrick S., who stepped up to fill in. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Watch for the next appearance of these bold poets on Wednesday, February 6, at the Team Selection Semi-Finals. All poets will perform two poems in the hope of reaching Finals on March 13!