Cantab Recap for Wednesday, June 16

It’s a fact: we are totally still reeling from the awesome NorthBEAST Regional at the Cantab this past Wednesday. What a hot night! Teams from Providence, Portland, and New York City all met for a head-to-head-to-head-to-head slam with the home team at the Cantab. If the 2012 National Poetry Slam is going to be any hotter than this, we are gonna have to arrange for ice baths and palm fronds in every venue. DANG, PEOPLE.

A wild selection of poets (and judges!) made this a night to remember. Portland came out of the gate strong, pulling the first 10.0 of the night in round one from their SlamMaster Nate Amadon! However, they were edged out by Providence, who won the sweetheart spot of the night with some returning Cantab favorites, not to mention one or two Finals stage veterans. The home team showed a strong and creative set, including a brand-new all-lady group piece (WHAT), but ultimately fell to the louderARTS team, who chose to make their five-hour commute more than worthwhile! The top indy scorer of the night was Mega from NYC, whose huge score in the third round with an on-page open letter sealed the deal for the big win.

Congrats to everyone, and special thanks to all the poets who traveled so far to slam with us! Want to see more slam? You’re in luck: we’ve got a Presidential theme slam coming up on July 2 at Radio and another NorthBEAST Regional at the Cantab on July 11. Both are guaranteed to be rambunctious, grand fun, and full of unexpected twists.