Radio Recap for Monday, June 4

After three days of rain, it was pretty sweet to get out of the house and listen to a little poetry… And, as luck would have it, a little sultry rock and roll. Poetry came in the form of Jade Sylvan, who led a light-hearted and thought-provoking workshop on writing formal poetry that spilled over into our open mic; Jade’s feature was a complex romp through some of her (and our) favorite themes, and a fitting farewell before she leaves us for the summer.

Wait, but what about the rock and roll? Well, that came from the fabulous Ruby Rose Fox, making a special solo appearance as our debut musical feature. Ruby’s summer-strong voice and complex lyrical combinations gave all our writers and performers something new to think about. We look forward to Ruby’s CD release party next month!

We are so excited to be returning to this lovely little bar week after week: if you come to Radio next Monday, you’ll get another cross-genre treat as we present poet Erich Haygun and songwriter (yes, and poet, too) Steve Subrizi. Erich will lead a low-pressure performance workshop to kick off the night, then double feature with Steve… And Steve has hinted at an additional musical guest on the mic that night, so we hope you’ll join us for some whiskey and surprises.