Cantab Recap For Wednesday, November 15th, 2023

Another week, another wonderful Wednesday, Cantabbers! What a stunning show we had last week, so superb that I would categorize it as an official “Oops! All Bangers” night. We had Raechel Segal back after a short hiatus, grabbing the mic from the stand and making us laugh as usual. We had Otto Vock and Kaitie D. team up to each read amazing contrapuntals about dating apps (and during Kaitie’s poem, they read a line so fire that host Nayeli hit a little dance move; total body stank face). We also had the exciting return of Kimi for the first time since we closed for the pandemic. 

The ✏️Line of the Wednesday✏️ comes from our own Michael F. Gill (with attribution to Robert Lowell) with: “A poem is an event; it is not a record of an event”.

This week’s shenanigans are simply the fact that during Raechel Segal’s poem, Sam Bucci chimed in with an exuberant “PAPA GINO’S SLAPS!” It’s the little things.

We then had an absolutely mind-boggling feature from our own Zeke Russell, who opened up his heart and his brand-new book, Wintered Over, to read us some touching and worldview-changing poetry. With his haunting imagery and blunt yet striking phrasing, we all left grateful to have such a great poet and person be a part of this community. We sold out all the author copies of his books. Thank you Zeke!

THIS WEEK!! This Thanksgiving, we at the Cantab are thankful for…Pokémon! Not traveling for the holiday? Feeling nostalgic for childhood? Wondering why more people don’t write poems about the greatest anime slash video game of all time? Come witness our regular open mic followed by the one and only Pokémon Slam: two trainers, Red (Shawn) and Blue (Kai) will throw their team of poets into head-to-head battle. I choose YOU, reader, to stop by and witness this super unique slam! 

See you Wednesday!

-Amy ✈️

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