Cantab Recap: Friday, August 26, 2011

It was a raucously fun night at the show this week, Cantabbers, and we can only hope you didn’t miss Regie Cabico, back for the first time in sixteen years and working the room like… Like… Well, probably like something hilariously obscene that we can’t repeat here. Good luck to the many folks graduating from our open mic to college in another city: remember that you’re welcome home any time. One of our craziest slams ever boiled down to one big winner, Antonia Lassar: thanks to everyone who stayed to judge and cheer on the poets.

Next week: regulars will know what we mean when we tell you that you won’t be sorry if you spend your Wednesday with Sam Teitel! We’ll also close out the night with the last open poetry slam in our summertime speed slam series.