Northbeast Regional 2023 Event Schedule

June 17th

12pm: Venue Doors Open!

12:30pm: Opening Ceremonies (Multipurpose Room)

1pm: Preliminary Bout 1 (Multipurpose Room)

4pm: Preliminary Bout 2 (Multipurpose Room)

3pm-8pm: Chapbook Exchange (The Point)

June 18th

12pm (Workshop): Choral/Coral: Beyond the “I” with Sam Cha (Conference Room)

12pm (Workshop): This Is Not A Workshop with Jarvis Subia (The Point)

1pm: Out Loud: A Queer Open Mic (Multipurpose Room)

1:30pm (Workshop): Poems Are Not A Line with Otto Vock (Conference Room)

3pm (Workshop): Command Your Stage with EL Evelyn (The Point)

3pm: Open Mic (Multipurpose Room)

5pm: Slam Finals (STEAM Set Theater)

8:30pm: Afterparty at the Cantab Lounge (Off-site, 21+)

Teams Participating in the Slam:

  • Boston Poetry Slam
  • Slam Free or Die
  • ProvSlam
  • Mill City Speaks
  • Lizard Lounge
  • PV What’s Next
  • Last Chance Slam
  • TBA!

Workshop Descriptions:

Choral/Coral: Beyond the “I”
Led by Sam Cha
Poetry often focuses on the individual voice. This is a mistake. When we write, we’re not ourselves. We’re always with others. This happens even when we’re writing alone, writing something we’re never going to show anybody else. “I’m writing this for myself” is a sentence that divides the individual writer (at least) in half, splitting the atom of the “I,” dissolving the boundaries of the ego, creating a community out of nothing. So why not take this further? In this one-hour workshop, we will first write “individual” work through a series of short prompts. Then we’ll work to create a communal poem, a choral riff, in which our voices dart and darn together, join, melt, meld.

This Is Not A Workshop
Led by Jarvis Subia
In this hour-long workshop, we will be doing a deep dive into everyone’s favorite literary device. Metaphor! This workshop will be a generative writing experience, including a free-write, text analysis, and guided writing prompts. We will explore the concept of metaphor by reading some music lyrics from hip-hop artists, discussing the hidden meaning behind some visual murals, and watching a poem that will inform the prompt writing. So come eager with your pen to write and your voice to share those words.

Poems Are Not A Line
Led by Otto Vock
We tend to think of poems as something we move linearly through from image to image, but what if we get a little more ~wiggley~ with it?? In this workshop, we’ll explore poems that utilize multiple paths of reading through word webs, multiple choice answers, winding run on sentences, partial erasure, and – dare I say –  contrapuntal(ism?)! We’ll explore how these methods add a bit more interactivity on the readers end to explore more shades of emotion without relying on description to do all that work alone. The main goal of this workshop is to give participants the tools to play and think about poems as systems of imagery that entangle poet and their reader, rather than a series of points to get a desired emotion across. Mentors texts include works from Layli Long-Soldier, Shira Erlichman, Hanif Adburraqib and more!

Command Your Stage
Led by EL Evelyn
Explore and enhance the art of performing through exercises aimed at increasing your confidence and providing tips and tricks to keep audiences engaged with your content.  You’re in for a phenomenal treat that’ll leave you feeling ready to Command Your Stage