Cantab Recap for Wednesday, October 31, 2018

What a Halloween night! Heckgolly, are we ever grateful for the folks who decided to spend their October 31 with us: an audience full of great costumes, funny hats, and folks who simply make it their business to leave the house for poetry warmed the room (and sold us out of the Bloodstorm drink special, by the way) for this velvety dark holiday. Our slam was a jam-packed roster of ten folks, including a couple of walk-in fill-ins, and we are pleased to announce the following rankings after two transformative and ghostly rounds:

1: torrin a. greathouse 57.7
2: George Abraham 57.4
3(tie): Lip Manegio 54.4
3(tie): Kelsey Chaplain 54.4

Meaghan Ford
Alison Kronstadt
Katya Zinn
Sarah Gabriel
The Phantom of the Opera
Mugs Myers

Congratulations to our top scorer, torrin greathouse, and all our prizewinners (in bold above)! Our biggest and spookiest thanks as well to our excellent slammers, our five hard-working judges, host Professor Elijah Lovejoy, bout managment from The Ghost of the Rat King Who Haunts the Stairs, and whomever paid their admission with a silver certificate, thus helping us present our big winner with immediate increased protection from dangerous spirits.

Next week: DON’T FORGET TO VOTE ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6. Then reward yourself with a feature on November 7 from western Massachusetts’s own sweetest cloud heart, Ewan Hill!