Cantab Recap for Wednesday, June 14, 2017

What a sweet and fabulous open mic at the Cantab this week, folks; maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s our low-key/high-talent summer crowd, or just maybe it was the perceptive and good-humored generative workshop run by feature Jon Sands before the show, but good thinkers and writers turned out and turned up for our show’s opening open. Jon featured as the headliner with a conversation-starting set, and the night closed with two hard-working slammers, Alex McDonald and Evan Cutts, making quick work of a head-to-head slam. Evan took the night and the ten bucks, qualifying him for the 2018 team slam series: look to your future, folks.

Next week: we’ll present the second of three 4×4 NorthBeast Regional Team Slams. These are Nationals-style bouts, just like what folks will see in Denver this August… But better, of course, because we’ll hear work from our favorite New Englanders. This week will be an especially local-notable bash, featuring your home team up against poets from Boston’s House Slam, Manchester’s Cantab-centric Slam Free or Die team, and a pair of reps from Connecticut’s Verbal Slap teaming up with some all-star locals. It’s a $5 cover to raise money for our team’s trip to Denver; bring a little extra for a drink at the bar, and maybe for some product from our local teams!