Cantab Feature for Wednesday, November 23, 2016: The High School Reunion Slam

Announcing the High School Reunion Slam! Flyer by Cassandra de Alba.

Announcing the High School Reunion Slam! Flyer by Cassandra de Alba.

In the words of our beloved 2016 Boston Poetry Slam Co-Rookie of the Year, Zeke Russell: HIGH SCHOOL IS BULLSHIT! HIGH SCHOOL IS BULLSHIT! HIGH SCHOOL! IS! BULLSHIT!

In the spirit of time healing all wounds, even those sustained from being mercilessly stuffed into a locker for the fourth time in as many weeks, we invite you to join a cast of Cantab regulars, irregulars, special guests and left fielders on Tofurkey Day Eve for a true-to-life reunion of the snarkiest kind. Four slapdash slam teams will take each other on in a grand mockery of Homecomings past, as the Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors each dare to rally for the downtrodden and heroic underdogs we all surely remember being. Homeschoolers, didn’t-stay-in-schoolers, and lifelong-school-of-hard-knocks poets and listeners are all enthusiastically welcomed to this soft-focus cavalcade of hard-nosed nostalgia.

Although our roster for the slam is full, poets are encouraged to bring on-theme work to the open mic! Boomers, X’ers, Gen Y, MTV Gens, and, yes, even Millennials are invited to present your poem-appropriate adolescent angst.

Official all-star slam roster:

Dawn Gabriel
Michael Brown
Lea Deschenes
Sue Savoy
Nora Meiners
Eirean Bradley
Valerie Loveland
Wes Hazard
Chloé Cunha
Mckendy Fils Aimé
Emily Eastman
Porsha Olayiwola
Evan Cutts
Emily Taylor
John Pinkham
Ageless Sacrifices: Adam Stone, Nathan Comstock

The slam will be hosted (ruthlessly) by Emily Carroll, home from New York City, since we won’t let her leave.

This show in our weekly Wednesday series takes place at the Cantab Lounge, 738 Massachusetts Ave. in Cambridge. Doors for the show open at 7:15. The open mic begins at 8:00 and the invite-only slam begins at approximately 10:00. The show is 18+ (ID required) and the cover charge is $3.