Cantab Recap for Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Did you survive move-in day, BPS fans? If you’re reading this, let’s hope it means you escaped your new apartment filled with boxes for the relative safety of the Cantab Lounge last night. A homey crowd was there to greet Tom Daley and House You Cannot Reach; Tom gave a rousing set, impeccably performed and blissfully uninterrupted, at the first outing for his new book. Lovely! The slam was a four-poet affair, boiling down to a venom-laden showdown between Bobby Crawford and Simone Beaubien. Simone took the win and the $10, which means Bobby earned the right to keep reading as many poems as possible in the subsequent season’s slams until he wins one.

Next week: we return refreshed from Labor Day for the extremely excellent Franny Choi. But first: TONIGHT is the September installation of Moonlighting! You can catch Jasmin Roberts rocking the house over at Fazenda Coffee Roasters starting around 7:30; get yourself free of your apartment chores one more time and get some well-deserved coffee and poetry