Cantab Recap for Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hot dang, poetry people! We kicked off the 2015 Summer of Slam with a bang this week as FIVE teams slammed off at the Cantab Lounge in our first of two regional matches. The five-team format is actually precisely the show structure for the semi-final round at the National Poetry Slam, so audience members got a taste of some of the hottest competition slam has to offer right in our dirty little basement.

Special thanks to JR Mahung and Kylie Noelle, our two rockin’ sacrifices for the night, as well as our five intrepid judges: Graham, Deirdre, Brandon, elliot., and Imani. At the end of the night, the standings showed a hard-fought match among the fivesome:

  • Urbana Poetry Slam 109.9
  • Boston Poetry Slam 108.5
  • Lizard Lounge Poetry Jam 107.8
  • Providence Poetry Slam 98.7
  • Port Veritas 98.2

Our sincerest congratulations to the Urbana Poetry Slam from New York City! If you missed it, don’t sweat it: five more teams will get a shot at a second semi-finals-style bout on July 15. Fair warning to the rest of the country: NorthBEAST will be ready for semi-finals at Nationals in Oakland this year… Will you?

Next week: speaking of Oakland, we’ve got a tip-top California Bay Area poet coming to the house for a full feature! The excellent Jason Bayani will be swinging into town for the night, and then we’ll have an open slam after that. See you there!