Cantab Recap for Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ahh, sticky summer in the sticky basement of the Cantab, folks. What more could a poet want? Actually, poets always want more: so it was a good thing we had the very excellent Emily Carroll in the house this week, laying down one perfectly crafted line at a time. This hard-working organizer and bar server showed off how the listening ear we’ve come to expect from her is also attached to a fantastic editor, thinker, and and lover of language… As if you needed more reasons to love whiskey and Moonlighting!

The night’s poetry slam was packed with first-name-only hopefuls before Emily even took the stage, including a phenomenal crop of rookies. In fact, two of them crushed everyone else in the show to make the head-to-head final round! Remember what we said about poets always wanting more: Brenda and Christian managed a photo finish in the third round, triggering a tie-breaker flashback to last week and bringing the audience two more poems! At the end of the night, Christian swept up the $10, but we are pretty sure Brenda will be back for… You know.

Next week: we know you’ll surely be back for the year’s first NorthBEAST Regional, featuring five teams from around the northeast. This week’s competition includes teams from Portland, Providence, Lizard Lounge, and New York City, all slamming off against the hometown heroes. Remember that it’s a $5 cover charge this week to help raise money to send our team to the National Poetry Slam in August!