Cantab Recap for Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Well, that was awesome: Brendan Constantine came from the left coast to take over our stage last Wednesday and took us on a wild ride through the possibilities of language. What a great feature! The man has three books and tons of work to share, so even if you saw him this week, you might want to check out his website for his remaining local gigs, including Slam Free or Die and the Dirty Gerund.

The slam was packed with regulars looking ahead to qualify for 2015, all filled with high spirits and hijinks. After three rounds, a great set of poems, one blistering tie, and more than a few close calls, Bobby Crawford took home the win and the ten bucks.

Next week: we’re back with an extended Wednesday feature from Patricia Smith! And, yes, you know that’s going to sell out in a hot second, but we’ve fortunately scheduled a poetry double-header for you that week: you can also head across the river to catch Chloé Cunha at Moonlighting on Thursday.