Moonlighting recap for Thursday, April 4

The grand opening of Moonlighting was a huge success! An excited crowd packed the house at our new JP venue, Fazenda Coffee Roasters. The open mic hosted by Sean Patrick Mulroy and Michael Monroe was filled with bold new voices (in addition to some of our favorite familiar faces), and the room felt raw and intimate. Many in attendance expressed their excitement at having a poetry event dedicated to the queer community.

After the open mic and a bevy of lattes, we were wowed by a feature from the Bay area’s Denise Jolly, whose lyrical, wrenching, and raunchy work addressed many of the questions of identity and sex-positive messages explored during the open mic. We’re so excited to see the warmth and energy of our first JP event and hope the reading will flourish! The next Moonlighting event will occur on May 2nd at 7:00 p.m. For more information contact Sean Patrick Mulroy.